Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mental Health : Police Kill MH Sufferer - Its On Video [ WARNING]

The Killing Of Community Care ?

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This very sad video shows a certain "Community Care" logic and theme unrolling . Of course professionals we have known would disagree and play with the detail as we have seen they often do with their endless Serious Untoward Incident "enquiries" in the UK - quietly and often silenced by time and elongation .

Yet the thematic running through what is happening across the world is by cheap modernisation, mental health service structure boots people with mental health damages out into the community - they become prison-prey and prison grey because now the prisons are full of decanted people with MH damages .

Sainsbury Centre For Mental Health the large architectural planner for the new NIMHE matrix and other organisations (CSIP SHIFT etc ) have "shown concern" over the amount of those imprisoned now with MH damaged personalities . How impressive, now that they helped to get rid of the asylum "Water Towers" as opposed to seriously pressing to make them more useful to people with MH damaged personalities .. No, "Top-Down" planning and big supermarket CBT and other cheap bean practice were the answer at the patient delivery end .. Real moderinised asylums might have been a good idea ..Like , with real human asylum empathically felt practice .. This guy shown in the video gets killed by 50,000 volts ....Some empathy eh ? His treatment was machine minded - death .

Its one way of getting rid of the mental health damaged ..Give em"Sparkie" - a name for the US electric chair .. The UK though has copied the US too much . The original NIMH was copied from the US - the Blair and Brown trip to the US in the late 1990's to see the Wiscosin Welfare To Work model is now being copied and will affect many people with MH damaged personalities - the support of financial institutions is being copied . The Iraq war stance was copied .. And the large NHS DOH bureau-class in the UK give less than a shit . Maybe they give a fart though .. They are paid to gas though - they know it ...Its toxic too to the rest of us until they give up their form of social apartheid inside their hearts and souls .....

The asylums were sold off in the UK and plenty of property speculators benefitted. Middle class second property ownership happened in the North Birmingham UK area where the vast majory of ex asylum land is now properties housing middle class people who like others had too much access to cheap money and credit .. Well, we will all prop them up again by the look of it . After all there are Labour votes in it .

Someone eventually paid again and again by dressing up care in new pc ways by actually making it cheap at the patient end, and still over-expensive where the bureaucrats dwell in useless meeting after meeting jobs without real human delivery of that rare quality of partial love and human feeling named "care" ......

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