Tuesday, September 23, 2008

NHS Staff Who Fought "Fire With Fire" Takes Her Blog Down

UserWatch Followup

The member of NHS UK mental health staff known as "Silvawingz" (Sue ) - who often linked to Mental Nurse another internet resources for mental health staff and others, has taken her Blog offline .

The story UserWatch ran HERE about the events that apparently have led up to this are documented with some of her posts together with the (as usual) seriously wicked cartoons of WINNIE The POOH-DO and SINNIE THE POOD-DO-PHILE...

These cartoons posted on another Service User's Blog "Mandy's Lifeboat" caused "Silvawingz" to disguise her posts and send people off to the British National Party site when her disguised poster names, she later admitted she was using , were clicked .....And she used the opportunity on this Service User led Blog to make statements about the undesireability of nazis type gangs beating up anyone's homosexual sons .. Yeah we dont agree with that either ... But Hell , Winnie and Sinnie are not nazi bears - even though they are kinda brown -- but those are not brown shirts - that is GOOD HONEST BROWN FUR

PC extremism and mental dislocations of it are alive and well in the UK - and often it prevents good solid pisstaking, because of middle class social control agendas of "correctness" - but no complaints have yet been lodged with the Brown Bear Watch or other Commissions because everyone was too busy laughing and some cheeky Gays have asked UserWatch for signed copies of SINNIE THE POOH-DO-PHILES Beartoon -

Okay okay okay .....But SINNIE cannot write ... Just seriously scratch with a large long-reach paw ....Will that do ?


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