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Mental Health : J.K.Rowling's £1,000,000 Labour Donation And What Happened To Larry Potter


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J.K. Rowling according to the Guardian has donated £1 million to the Labour Party but will it save Mad Larry from being crazed by family and social systems that made his great financial "wiz" Uncle Harry turn into a magical thinker and create financial holes so bankers can be magically subsidised by the tax-payers to keep the magic show and middle class style and comforting illusions on the road ?

Well J.K. Rowling obviously feels Labour knows best at the magic show.

But what are the mental health (MH) middle class roots embedded inside J.K.'s take of magical Harry ? And can Larry his more vulnerable nephew be saved in future years ?

On Uksurvivors this donation by J.K. was first questioned by a MH Service User named Chris and it has made him more critical of her ...

Silvis - a UserWatch contributor wrote this (which we partly cleaned up !)

"Hang on Chris ,

This is logical for JK rowling to support the destructive Labour Party because she supports middle class values not true enablement of the working class or UK downtrodden people. Lets get underneath this though - Take a deeper look

She supports the typical myth of the magical child who is at magical boarding school without parents and has to get by by relying on his own "magicality" .. Often the real truth of this is "magical" buggery, lonliness and the isolated inner-kids who become suitable later for a professionally detached role-playing-class and seeing the rest of us as being something to wizard on cleverly while creating misery and their own liberal politics for advantaging themselves whilst oppressing those beneath them .

The extra myth purveyed is they are kind and the masters of wisdom - a bit like Harry

At the base of her tales is middle class abandonment of children and the belief they are magical enough to float their own carpets . The consequences of this unconscious position is social alienation and promotion of social self interest of those in that class of experiences

I do like her writing, I would I suppose, because I love language, but her social perspective inside it and its symbolic limits stink . It re-inforces the insidious class base of British society ..

And, that is what the Labour Party are doing and have been doing for years under Blair . I do not hate people of different classes but do see their unconscious construction of social reality that favours them, as dangerous for the rest of us, and unfair .

Conciousness of their contradictions and the re-constructed story of it, is attacked socially by the middle classes because socially revealed truth is dangerous and undermines their dominant positions, but also it threatens to expose their underlying mental pain at them being a construction of an anti feeling self made throughout their slow developments of emotional isolations in schools that buggers part of them ..

The mental health system is based around middle class thinking and anti feeling stances - in the main they re-isolate people's inner worlds and do not create a culture of acceptance of damages and serious emotional supports. They ice people over rather than help them grow emotionally . Why ? Because their ability too is stunted intergenerationally by bad child rearing practices - unempathic treatment of children, and drip fed abandonment of them through their schooling and through the social re-inforcement of their own class practices ..

JK rowling is such a product .. Harry Potter is a real kid inside all the semi isolated detached kids who need some inner magic as fantasy therapy before they join the middle class of the professionally "detached" to create the same conditions for the next generation of child readers of "Larry Potter" - the grandson of Harry .

Silvis Rivers ."

At UserWatch we have to say we agree with this text above posted on Uksurvivors .. Can Larry be saved then ? Possibly by painful and empathic therapy which restores his true Self of lost feeling and inner story of family wrecking of him re-inforced by his class .. But he will not get that on the NHS will he J.K.Rowling ... ? Meanwhile Uncle Harry will make a fortune out of thin air by conjuring up banking holes which the taxpayer fills ..


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