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Mental Health - Seroxat Jack - The Driven World And Personal Failure


Jacks Fires Of Lives And The Kings Hand
Picture By Silvis Rivers

Seroxat Jack By Art De Rivers

Personal failure is a very hard bridge to cross . Its about sometimes recognising very deep pain and special loss . Recognising limits and health problems . Recognising that the emotional reaction map is altering and must be navigated .

But there's no doubt with Seroxat Jack it was made worse because when his life failed at work due to his health and when he could not face the growing realisation that increasing disability was going to alter his life and even hurt it - there was no real help . No therapy offered to ease the emotional growth from pain into difficult change .

Thus depression born of a narrative of difficult-to-face pain created only vacant and sometimes fiery hopelessness . The fire of anger gives some degree of hope but not if the problems of change and disability are not faced enough - it merely builds more rage and determination to make something or someone pay .

Seroxat Jack, like Effexor Jim , and Prozac Jill and the SSRI gang, went to his Doctor and took his medicine and later found its emotional barrier effect did not do much good and so he came off it . That was accompanied only by pain and discontinuation problems - headaches and mood swings .

Yet Jack did not make the connection enough that his psychological problems were not medical in the first place but social and emotional.

Jack's a social product too of traditional beliefs in : the man should not show his feelings fully . His Doctor too was someone who should have been more emotionally literate.

Jack's rage and only partly faced pain after he painfully left his Seroxat days behind just gave vent to attacking pharmaceutical companies which on one level is not invalid at all. They DO exploit people who will not or cannot without help face their own lives and emotional pain. They DO exploit a lack of political will to create truly better emotional healing and long enough psychological therapies. They DO exploit the social taboo against people showing emotional weakness and vulnerability .

But they can only do that in the field of reactive depressions and mood swings "disorders" so long as Jack does not wish to face himself too, and demands only that his life-pain goes away .

Jack has partly grown now after living in the damned Seroxat Hall of himself . But to do it he had face another depression and the older feelings underneath and the extra ones which layered in as a sense of personal failure.

Life alters and we fail to be able to be what we were . Sadness and loss and even rage are not enemies they are just our cries at our vulnerable human condition and hearing them with witness makes bearing them tolerable .

Lets sit down with Jack and Jill and Jim and wisely accept a greater degree of grief for just being human .

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