Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Coalition Government Consultation On GP Consortia ,HealthWatch , LINks


An Important Consultation ?

Well its started . What is left of Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) which Labour changed (some say deranged) to Local Involvement Networks (LINks) which have partly quick-sanded PPI in part of the UK , is now to evolve to HealthWatch and other arrangements under the Conservative-Lib-Dem Coalition Govt . Will it be effective ? Over to you .

The Consultation is to go on till 11th Oct 2010

The Coalition plans are to bring to the public greater choice and local sensitivity by GP Commissioning Consortia that is not purely driven by the "top-down" centralism so typical of the previous Labour administration . Primary Care Trusts who have the commissioning duties currently are to go, and Health Overview Scrutiny Committees are to become absorbed by Health and Well Being Partnership Boards which will have local authority councilors on them to scrutinize local health arrangements. LINks are to feed into Local Authority hosted HealthWatch arrangements but they will have independent channels open to regulators to whistle-blow to .

Well its all up for extra consultation - over to you Joe and Jane Public ..


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