Monday, July 26, 2010

Mental Health Quango NMHDU Survives For Now



In the first great cut of Quango's The Equality and Human Rights Commission is facing cuts .

Good, it deserves scrapping actually, for its political plays and overall bullshit string playing to its own marionette scripts .

The Independent writes :

Equality and Human Rights Commission – has been accused of wastefulness by Home Secretary and faces further cuts

It certainly did not do much good for people in mental health circles for even when it was confronted with the last Labour Govt's perverse discrimination against mental health (MH) Service Users and lack of legal rights of patient's choices they might make through elective care and a choice of a service provided through a secondary care provision (like the rest of the population ) - it did nothing at all .

There certainly were ways that (non crisis care ) Service Users could have used some MH provisions via patient choice but it was erased by top-down social engineering Labour who had the cheek to believe they were helping workless and working class people with mental health problems by making sure they had no choices - apart from state designed - MH charity architect-ed services ..

The National Mental Health Development Unit that grew out of the discredited NIMHE has hung on so far. It is backed by establishment figures though in the shape of big charities like its partner the Sainbury Centre For Mental Health . But it did not produce a sensible, treatment based patient choice orientated, mental health service . It has been desperately trying to create a recovery service which supervenes across patient needs and assumes its UK national work-orientated model is correct .

Yet its idealisation of work-recovery for all, has been costly and partly distracting whilst research done by the DWP shows clearly that people with Mental Health problems are not easy to fit into society and especially one which has a contrary economy with pretend jobs , social engineering , a lack of industrial infrastructure and a lot of bullshitting middle class Uni-types trying to fit everyone else up into politically correct but essential economically unreal lives.

The first job for the economy is to get the middle class mental-health-engineers doing useful export led economic work and drives . They are fit and clever people and should be put to proper work instead of parasiting about running false drives to get disabled others into work which isn't there, and was only propped up by Labour's balloon and party ideas ..

Maybe then some money might trickle towards aiding patients more . Don't bank on it though ...

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