Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mental Health : Send in the Rawing Crion - The Day Centre Beast


Jack said :

"It all started with lines
And in my hand pencil spines
Sketch of New York animal
At the green lady's feet , then
Fine art and shadow graphite
To complete

Laughing like a principled demon
With pure critique
I go places by mad jet spirits
And unconceal the world's shit wits

Walls are my telepathic televisions
You can avoid spirit of straight
With politics of benter
But not my Crion's eyes "

Said Jack
In the damaged Soul's Day Centre ..



Anonymous said...

Any relation to Rat Farstard ? the Cackavellian bureau man from Humbrum?

PatientGuard said...

User-Watch Editorial Team Advice To Readers:

Okay we are going to allow this comment after checking the potentially libellious content and whether the Cackavelli family were wounded by this .. Their response to our enquiries was :

"We no shitta care"......