Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mental Health : The Pieces Reform Unless You Are Already In A Corral


Department Of Health Looks For HealthWatch Overlord

USERWATCH have been sent a Job/Role Description for this position but before we show that - here's what we have to say :

What's in it for mental health ? God knows because the evidence we have is the Sainsbury Centre For Mental Health , Rethink and MIND plus the quango partnering all of them the National Mental Health Development Unit have substantial dominion over mental health and have created a following class (and gullible class) of paid flag wavers bent on creating provision centered on their "Third Sector" and State preferred ways forwards . Your voice is now already owned in mental health . There is unlikely to be a robust Patient Choice market because the State too have already decided on what's good for you . A rigged evidence base backs that and MIND and Rethink are just part of the major re-reinforcements for amongst other things the 18% effective CBT push (after publication bias is taken into account) with its bolted on inclusion provisions all targeted towards magical work very few have ever found in MH through Pathways to Work. Your voice is owned though perhaps only straight eyesight is going to aid your way forwards so your mouth utters : "FALSE" as a verdict . It will happen if you are open enough that's what we think .

Over to the DOH text sent to us :

Job Summary - HealthWatch

Public and Patient Experience and Engagement Division ( ppe@dh.gsi.gov.uk ) seeks to put people at the heart of care.

This post exists to bring drive, capacity and policy making expertise to support delivery of the new Government’s vision for putting patients and public centre-stage through strengthened patient experience, user and public engagement.

The Government’s White Paper commits to the establishment of HealthWatch – a new national body strengthening public voice and accountability - by April 2012.

This will be a significant and exciting policy development and implementation challenge requiring stakeholder engagement, legislation, policy development and project planning and delivery skills. This new post will be at the heart of the policy team leading the establishment of national HealthWatch and development of local HealthWatches offering unrivaled experience and exposure at the forefront of delivering the Government’s new vision for health and social care.

The post-holder will work closely with colleagues across government and routinely exploit opportunities for co-production of policy development and implementation working with and through PCTs, PbCs, FTs, LAs ,SHAs & GOs and other partners such as CQC.

The post-holder will be accountable to the Head of Innovation and Integration and will manage two team members.

Key requirements for the role This is a critical, high profile policy role having a major part to play in the development and implementation of HealthWatch.

The postholder will:

Develop and implement policy on Healthwatch and public engagement, inputting to legislation, maximising opportunities for co-design and co-production and ensuring early and proactive engagement of DH policy colleagues, OGDs and stakeholders

Actively promote public engagement and put in place systems to measure and monitor impact of public engagement activity

Handle a significant level of reactive and ministerial work, providing high quality and timely advice and support to Ministers,

Effectively manage people, financial resources and projects


rip said...

read the Guardian article of critique of bullying of people on benefits from radical ...stand to reason


PatientGuard said...

Ah Snakes Poo Treason .... In the Social Engineering Daily eh ? Well that figures - where there's a back door you'll always find a back climber and deception ...