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Mental Health: Sainsbury Name Withdrawn At Mental Health Centre


Users On Benefits Have You Got £500

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Mental Health Users Futures In November ?

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Although the Sainsbury Centre For Mental Health on July 21st altered its name (deleting "Sainsbury" off it) its networking culture remains the same, and its been a powerful mono-driver (not a market and serious choice driver) in mental health planning, and some people attribute the one-size-fits-all Cognitive Behaviour Therapy "Layard" (14th Sept 2005 SCMH speech) thrust to it.

What is clear is in 2001 - 2 it founded the National Institute For Mental Health In England (NIMHE) and aided the then new NIMHE (cost £100 + million by 2009 ) mental health bureaucracy drawn mainly from University Educated Middle Classes that shaped it towards identifying "recovery" as getting mentally ill people back into work. That aim was its cornerstone and it over-rode patient choice of recovery treatments as a User-priority - instead everyone in mental health circles was treated to the User-involvement bureaucratization of patient-hood and the belief that "user-involvement" was the entry level strategy for working . All it proved was that fitter mental health Users got jobs with NIMHE and NHS Trust networks that supported NIMHE and its aims .

SCMH "Pathways to Work" designs and thrusts though have not created the new Jerusalem inside a neconomy that broadly supported middle class tertiary sector aspirations and social-engineering economies but not export driven business and manufacturing . These are very areas where economic and social recovery was needed for 20 years until the big sub prime debt wake up for the UK and others occured . SCMH promoted itself as experts in mental health, but was not expert into seeing into the open illusion that drove the growth of the middle classes in an unreal way across a UK economy and into record debt .

The National Mental Health Development Unit (NHMDU) shadowed itself into place as NIMHE was got rid of in 2009 .. On April 1st 2010 NMHDU bulletined :

"Promoting Recovery-focused services : The NMHDU has agreed a project-led partnership with the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health (SCMH), supported by the NHS Confederation, to promote and support recovery-focused organisations and services. The work builds on the recent SCMH programme, Making Recovery a Reality, and the clear support for recovery approaches in New Horizons. The project will pilot recovery-focused organisational development across selected local NHS sites (still to be determined) and will demonstrate and evaluate outcomes for providers and commissioners. Further information will be available on our website shortly."

SCMH's own bulletin below shows only that its still about in a different name after July 21st 2010 with an extra three years of Gatsby Foundation Grant (Sainsbury Trustees) until it finds its new funding - no doubt the lottery . All the other charities like MIND and Rethink (close associates of SCMH) use that route and one wonders whether there is serious lottery audit for grant effectiveness on corporate charities this size .

"From this month, Sainsbury Centre will be changing its name to Centre for Mental Health, it was announced today.

The name change will take effect from 21 July. It follows the approval by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation for the Centre's plans to sustain its work beyond the conclusion of the core grant it received each year between 1985 and 2010.

Joint chief executive Dr Bob Grove said: "As we develop our work and find new funding sources for the future, we are changing our name. But our work, our values and our approach will stay the same. As Centre for Mental Health, we have a clear mission to improve the life chances of people with mental health problems in the UK, building on the 25 years of work we have done and looking ahead to the many challenges we still face."

Later this year in November 2010 the large SCMH network and other people planners that failed to bring about real Patient Choice in mental health for 13 years of Labour rule will meet to decide everyone else's future in mental health for next 20 years .

The vision is still "work is recovery" and "personalisation" (not legal rights of Patient Choice) is the watered and socially controlled way forwards . They may have got rid of the the asylums and the Water Towers - but frankly these people are not producing any idea of sanctuary for serious difference of mind which does not fit the work-recovery and exposed "communitised" ways forwards . Users are still institutionalised by the planning classes so long as Patient Choice of recovery treatments does not exist

UserWatch has heard from many Users about how pushed around they are, by these social engineering ideas of them being "included" and "recovered" and how pressured some feel especially in the new contexts of changes to Disability Living Allowances , Employment Support Allowance and media "Hate the benefit claimant" headlines. Its even reached the Guardian (the Social Engineering Daily) now, so we hear - who are using MIND as the voice of charity concern even though MIND (along with Rethink) was busily over-shaping work-as-recovery under the Labour Government.

Will the mighty of the the SCMH network and DOH feel any of this sympathetically ? Of course not .. They are rubber ducks in a sea of class and charities and money which flows and flows and has grown because of the lottery .

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