Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mental Health Discovery Of CIC Maggotry

UserWatch discovers that the Host that has been appointed By Birmingham City Council to run the dregs of the nippy partly untamed PPI Forums (now re-named Local Involvement Networks (LINKs) is a bunch of colourful Birmingham South based CIC maggots ....Green though - pretty too, like five pound note green ...LINKs are to be the wussy-cats of the new "health monitoring public" role ...

CIC's are more fully known as Community Interest Companies and have sadly become the choice of vehicle for the new growing policy writhe of "get em back to work" New Labour State-ish Sector ...Only its not quite like the old State Sector that was more dependably shit and occaisionally but increasingly rarely accountable. CIC's are the new methodism of socially corporatised sloppy socialism ... Like those jolly ol' middle class silly green wellingtons ....Everyone's gone green though now . We know we at UserWatch have ...But then we too are maggoty ....We at least admit our relationship to the Lord of the Flies ...

CIC's are partly being set up because New Labour feared privatisation so they looked for a hybrid philosophy that de-profited profit, increasingly gets rid of the old State and preserved community benefit inside surpluses they can generate .. Most of this hybrid philosophy is being churned into existence by Govt grants and DOH support but also by the new job creation schemes creating job creation schemes creating job creation schemes in the public-corporo-third-sector .....Labour after all need a new oppressed "working class" - mainly to be created from knackered out benefit claimaints and disabled people and the mentally ill ..

Privatisation of health is seen as a privileged evil by Labour yet curiously they divert so many resources away from the still dis-enabled individual into making direct opportunity-robbing bureacracies of one kind or another into the privileged pocketed bureaucrats and corporo-public-sector workers.

What the fuck is wrong with many longer term patients in mental health getting training grants, grants for treatments , disability training they design and shape...Is everyone so helpless they needs armies of new-experts in between their potential choices and the supply, if indeed they ever get choices because of the increasing size of the bureaucracy in the way.

Labour had the debate about everyone else choices in health (mental health particularly with their London friends in the virtually nationalised mental health charities) of how to move forwards and they won it before everyone else opened their mouths .

The top London national charity voices had everyone elses voices and that is what they created in the localities . Organisations named "Patients Voices" but without real choices .

Public and third sector expansion leading from the Govt and NHS top will certainly create a bubble of activity in localities for a time but at what cost to diverting life chances , treatments and other opportunities that people might have created if they had more direct choices ? Maybe a "real" state sector should be about that, distributing the means to choices directly instead of dominating choices and creating job creation bureaucracies because the new Host is actually a public sector Job creation scheme we think in a sector that is seriously overcrowded with bureaucracy

So who is the Host of the yet to be in October New LINKs in Birmingham ? Its Gateway Family Services . Nice little name but behind it all are some people of very senior NHS interests . Cynthia Bower is probably the most senior . She has been a Strategic Health Authority Head in the West Mids and worked at one time for Birmingham Social Services .

Stafford Scott has been involved in Bernie Grant Trust work so probaby knows good ol' Sharon Grant of the heavily criticised CPPIH that was disbanded this year ..

To quote a ref :

"Joy Warmington From October 07, Joy will be working on a part-time basis for BRAP, which is a Equalities and Human Rights charity based in Birmingham. She has been the organisation’s CEO for the last 5 years. Through this role, Joy has been involved in working on issues of health inequalities both at a leadership level as part of a DOH steering group, and also by working directly with local PCT’s"

The lurch to the South in Bham again in the choice of the Host (the merged mental health Trust in 2003 became dominated by a south Birmingham agenda and south biased MH Trust) with its pc correct race and social inclusion agenda is quite a sell and there is no doubt it has been chosen to balance the ambitions of work-creation with New Labour's agenda of selling it all on the back of the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund (500 Million announced by Hazel Blears earlier this year) .

Slowly however a giant policy fog soup is congealing in the UK and locally in Birmingham and the gamble is it will get people off welfare benefits and make them more healthy by central planning and masses of semi treated mental health issues with a heavy dose of get-back-to-work and become a pseudo-corporo-worker ? What you can see in Gateway Family Services is a social engineering philosophy that is similar to NIMHE's (National Institute of Mental Health Education) "Train the Trainers". You can see this openly on their site as an offered service and in Stafford Scott's Leadership work - but does it cut the mustard ?

At UserWatch we think dis-enabled people must have grants shaped by them directly to fit their socially creative purposes to buy in training and even shape that training around their idiosyncratic lives . Changing them into corporo-sectorites though is bullshit ..Let their be small innovative local grants a-plenty - let them be super promoted as information . Let their be information SIGHT !

Never mind the privileged industries of New Labour social twiddlers ..

We think the underlying failure of this policy is already seedbeded in the lack of trust New Labour have shown in enabled human independence - that would have generated a new social economy . Too many new bureacratic systems are in place like a bad glue around social problems that deserved better individual input by directer means of personal choice . Personal Choice in mental health is now being played with and "eligibilised" to death by the bureau-classes . The main victim has been wider Patient Choices and a financially enabled culture that could grew from that. What happened to Patient Choice in mental health is a theme that happens to individuals more widely where sections of the community benefit from social engineering idealisms by creating their own careers from it ....Bugger the rest in special spirit prisons .

Only truer Patient Choice would have started to undermine the way NHS bureacrats still pins the patient down and dominates them with new models of how to be a working bureaucrat - especially in mental health ..

The Tories have it partly right that the individual makes the best economic choices but they would never allow the means to trickle down to empower that . Labour might have allowed that if they had let go of trying to sustain a monopolistic NHS that cannot let go of the NHS mental health patient beyond crisis and let them liberate their lives into planned and owned creatvity/training. Labour still create in mental health a soviet-type social doom for many. Care in the new Gulag comunity


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