Monday, August 25, 2008

Mental Health Parroty Leads To Corporate Policy Caging

There are fears in Wales that all Mental Health Trusts may be merged into a one Wales Trust . It appears to us at UserWatch that this will lead to gross parroty. Parrots of course repeat things across all times and places pretty much the same way.. Far from Service Users singing more freely from their caged conditions they are largely dominated by Govt's Upper-parrot-policy repeating things like "anti-stigma" - "anti-stigma" (even as the system denies Users supports and treatment choices) and "Work is good for you" - "Work is good for you" (despite poor supports - little inreach strategy of decent training grants, and no or little choices of treatment) ......Central planning has dominated the UK MH scene and "modernisation" has been dominated by a skewed version of User-empowerment. In other words : find those who will parrot the system and claim they represent the rest.. The parrots it appears have it ..

What does Wales have to say of a one merged mental health-trust ?

"Aug 25 2008 by Jonathan Morgan, Western Mail(From Wales Online)

Having a single organisation approach will create more problems than it solves, says Jonathan Morgan, as he calls for a rethink on service delivery

HEALTH Minister Edwina Hart announced the outcome of the review into mental health services led by Professor Michael Williams in June.

His thorough review of the way that we plan and provide for mental health services followed a raft of concerns from politicians, clinicians, service users and bodies who felt that we had not paid enough attention to mental health services.

I welcomed this review at the time and the “blue skies thinking” that emerged as a major contribution to an issue that concerns me personally.

One of the reasons why I have been pursuing the devolution of powers to Wales to allow us to legislate in the field of mental health is because of its Cinderella status.

The Joint Parliamentary Committee into the UK Mental Health Bill in 2004 concluded that services in Wales were less developed than elsewhere in the UK.

I suppose this was their polite way of saying that things in Wales were pretty dreadful in comparison.

Bizarrely, there are two very good strategies that should improve the services for people with mental illness. Firstly the Adult Mental Health National Service Framework outlines a range of access to services that would improve the assessment of patients’ needs, treatment and care, emergency cover and advocacy.

On paper the plan looks robust, in practice it is flimsy."

But does mental health have a Cinderally status ? What does that mean really ? That it is kept impoverished ?

At UserWatch we really wonder about this because we think the trail of money that is used, is not reaching the patient in care needs. Needless rotating crisis based on poor support is still occurring whilst at the same time extra health bureaucracy has been formed and has been parroting policy for years . The newer layers of ex-service users and other "staff innovators" recruited for user-bureaucracy like NIMHE. appear to be merging into the Strategic Health Authority in the West Mids . They have served their purpose of endorsing the will of a Govt afraid to truly go to the people and endorse what they needed in Patient Choice . Instead NIMHE were turned to the will of the D0H-DWP axis to put "work first" ..

There can be no independence though that is not first underpinned by supporting dependency in a way that actually sees its individual issues and responds to them accurately ...For too many a circle of being deprived of good human help is the reality . The State have made it so .

We are years away from being even close to addressing social and emotional reasons for many MH damaged people's personality problems and altering states of mind .

Constantly drugging people though, is still refrigeration of social problems internalised in them and echoed into endless invalidity by a system that wishes to keep people away from supported reflection and the aided emotional journeys of being able to tolerate more of what they are ..

The job of reflection is hard and emotionally painful. The Self wins itself back only slowly from pain in decent therapies . Reflection when deeply helped is however giving up drugged parrothood and slowly other repeating states of what is at base emotional helpessness that genuinely needs new languages of personal navigation . Personal navigation is uniquely unparrotlike ..But the State you will understand prefers parrots .....



mandy lifeboats appeal said...

I loves pirates I do but I am not too sure about that Bob bloke.

Who the fekk is he?

UserWatch said...

Hard to say, UserWatch are discussing him and this whole anti SSRI take - as for the cartoons well Kakatoo is probably the culprit.....

The broad picture though on the SSRI take is once again people are diverted away from their feeling states - illness is claimed - rather than their social and relational conditions being examined along with them and resolved over time .

We have been saying this along with others for a long time alongside critiqueing the diverions of money in MH that are attributable to work related social engineering roll outs dominating the MH systems .

What's interesting about all this is that "Diversionary" factor is at work in some many parts of unravelling peoples internal problems . We have shit patterns in our cultures that have reared emotional time bombs in so many people .