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Stonewall's Weavings Into The NHS And The Mental Health Charity Tapestry



Stonewall the Gay activist Group is creating a survey about Gay Staff's experiences in the NHS and the circular above, obtained from Birmingham And Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust shows that ...

Some people think Gays are perverted and unnatural we just think everyone is perverted and unnatural and the UserWatch Dog "Ken-Hell" wears stockings too before he launches into another neighbourhood fight with the BNP terrier in the next block ... However "Ken-Hell" does not like the anuses of other male dogs ...Its a matter of taste so to speak ..

Stonewall's outing tactics though are perhaps being hailed as being transferable to mental health and upon MP's for instance .In a survey which outed some "Mad"MP's recently Jonny Naess Of his new Charity: Cocks Stand Up To Reason, or something, had this to say:

"In a civilised society, people with experience of mental ill health should not be restricted from being MPs, directors, partners, magistrates and jurors.

When we invited Mr Bondevik, the former Norwegian Prime Minister to come to speak to MPs, he was amazed that had he been British he could not have stood for Parliament. As a lawyer, one of the main reasons I founded Stand to Reason last year was my determination to remove from our laws these offensive and stigmatising restrictions. Like Stonewall before us we hope to encourage some brave MPs to come forward to break this last workplace taboo.”

Really Jonny ? You think anyone with experience of mental illness can do anyhing they want ? Perhaps some can, but many are crippled by it Jonny, and your stridency affects the few professionals which is where you are coming from isnt it ?

MP's though, have been mad with skewedery for a long time so what's in it for the Mental Health Charities who are creatively rigging the skewed debate about mental health anti -stigma?

Take for instance these well rehearsed PR manufactured comments "post survey" taken from the BBC's site .. :

"Paul Farmer, chief executive of the charity Mind, said that at a time when the government was appealing to employers to be more understanding about mental health issues in order to help people off benefits, it should be looking closer to home.

"Repealing antiquated rules that ban MPs from returning to work after recovering from a mental health problem would send out a clear message to all employers that discrimination should not be tolerated," Mr Farmer said.

The charity Rethink's chief executive, Paul Jenkins, said: "These findings are an affront to democracy. MPs and peers need to be free to bring their personal experiences to their vital democratic role.

"Instead they are being gagged by the prejudice, ignorance and fear surrounding mental illness.

"We look forward to the day when MPs from all political parties with experience of mental illness are able to participate fully in our democracy."

Rigging the debate to shape it towards "get the mentally ill" back to work is ofcourse the major rigma of stigma that the MH charities hook their growth onto, anticipating full Govt support for their new work-focused drives which the Govt itself in a conniving network believes is the answer to "modernise" mental health .... Both MIND and Rethink encourage regimes at their centres now which drive their Users into activity that is work focused and woe betide Users who disagree ...They are kicked out or suspended for a time . Oh we have heard about that Mr Farmer and Mr Jenkins .....

What we know is this, that the Govt has been advised by a right wing banker David Freud to help create a Wisconsin-ish Model of welfare to work in an economy where welfare and public services is the next wealth creation target for the coporate clasess, who lets face it have ckufing-well run out banks and other's debt to fleece. The level of fraud in Incapacity Benefit (IB) estimated by Dave in his Telegraph interview as 5- 7 per cent is not provable, and the DWP's estimate of IB fraud is only 0.5 per cent...And they have shit hot investigators now ..

Magic Jobs and rabbitry from hats have appeared in NHS mental Health Trusts that have now ballooned a whole new User-Involvement section of bureacracy but how can that socially engineered inflated sector continue ? There will be a big crunch okay ...Beyond the anti-stigma rainbow when the gold runs out in the colourfully diverted pot .

The Mental Health Charities and Sainsbury Centre For Mental Health are at the helm in this version of rainbow modernisation and money swilling time ...They have far far more planned and the problem is, the bureacracy in Mental Health is not getting smaller yet patient care is suffering as surpluses are made by MH Trusts and the Social Inclusion ethos pushed by the social engineers is becoming stale and effectively pinned-down into the "modernised" bureacratic inflation effect . We have heard it from staff -

Look - its simple, some patients are not getting the treatment they need in the community - and not even enjoying real social inclusion opportunities because they do not exist as bridging into them very well - its not happening in Birmingham for instance for Personality Disorder sufferers both male and female, and across the country its replicated ... They are an easy target. But others too are on the end of the new NHS performance regime to decide what the patient needs then call it "the patients preference" ....We think its system abuse .. Locking people out and away from their genuine needs and seperating their voice off into something called in management-speke the "User Voice" .

So the MP survey we see as a social engineering stunt . Very manipulative too but the seals are clapping in the circus . They always do .....Jonny too is performing well on the Guardian who also favour journalism as a social engineering tool a little too much ..

From the Bonewall of the dead MH Users, we still hear :

Treatment that fits first ! Patient Purchasing Choices of what stabilises patients first ! Stuff Bureacracy !

A new culture of that was the dream which never happened - that would have been progress and then development to work by special training packages for some .

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