Monday, August 25, 2008

Mental Health : The Strange Tale Of Scuffles And Pirates

Of Parrots And Pirates

A strange tale occurs lately on the UKSurvivors forum - the home of the marginalised in UK Mental Health survivory. We had a look at various posts after a blogger named Bob claimed he was accused of being a serial rapist accompanied by a cartoon. We suspected Kakatoo the UserWatch cartoonist of being involved - especially as parrots are involved ...

The cartoon :

The Text :

"Complaints are coming in that drugged parrots in South Yardley have against their will been tattooed by a bandana-ed man known as Pirate Bob ...

"Pucy Green" one of the parrots said :

"Bob gave us all drink and when we woke up Bob had tatooed our bibs - we think he took advantage of us for self promotion and some of us are having our anuses checked too because we think date rape drugs were used on us "

"Yellow Feather" said :

"I have been itching badly at my rear end and I vaguely recall Bob screaming orgasmically :

"I am having some COCK-in-too"

"He told us he was seeking to create worldwide Parroty but now we have Bob's Bibs and aching anuses ..."

The RSPCA commented : " Parrots should not be tatooed or date raped"

Police in South Yardley have gone to Shard End Pool where there is said to be an small island chain and secret drugs hideout.

They have issued a warning to all parrots in the Bham area:

"If you get Bibbed by Bob you might get Knobbed too - report it to us ".

Bob wrote in a subsequent post : "I LIKE IT

Bob's Post

We have no idea what the rest of the scuffle is about but we want to ask Bob why he can reverse the sense of the truth in his posts so quickly about alleged parrot-rape ? . "I like it" in our book means "I like it" .....

We agree accusations of serial parrot rape are shocking and so terrible we too are heaving , but no they are not on par with human rape Bob, which unfortunately you've implied and for someone who can write as well you can, that has to be for effect doesn't it?



Fiddy said...

Email me and I will show you where you are wrong.

You can email me via my blog


The UserWatch team has seen quite a number of posts associated with your statements and some archived by others, and we are satisfied that no mention of human rape or serial human rape associated with a cartoon exists. You can always put your point here or and demonstrate it by emailing any one of us can't you ? ..