Sunday, August 17, 2008

Let Us Bray To The Board - User Ass Spotted - Mental Health Exclusive

A Kakatoo Cartoon Again August 2008

Pinning The Tale On The Ass

The evangelical anti-stigma streak in Mental Health continues, with some national charities Rethink and MIND, together with architects like Mental Health Foundation are all about to lower the persuasion hooks and sell a new vision of mental illness that will be embedded with the need to work and be tolerated by all. Seig Heil .

Mini hangers-on too like Mental Health Media and the great matrix architect Sainsbury Centre For Mental Health, are all about to stick more anti-stigma images to us in approx Oct 2008 , when the £18 million they were granted from the lottery and Comic Relief fills the coffers of the London media mind changers ...Someone is making money then from the image game ......Yeah... usually the London media circles selling us their latest fashions for a while ..

Its a pity these bands and networks are not better exposed for the money-sucking circles they are . Forget small realistic grants for Service Users for management of their lives creating unique training and support needs .. Other people have swept the possibility of those up in "new services". The Lottery is corrupt and corrupted by being too close to Govt needs .. Its a back door way now to socially engineer and a bit too close to policy objectives ..

Johnny Patient does not know best . Everyone else does, that was supported by the Govt push to create a strange burgeoned growth of Mental Health bureaucracy of Users and others that frankly should see many of them doing real work rather than making paper piles from the NHS meetings cultures.

Even the problems of roll outs of Direct Payments (helping some Users with allowances lead more socially included lives ) was held up by local Councils across the UK and it all needed penalties in law for a lack of will to create ways forwards .

That struggle was left to Users and awkward bureaucracy to push it forwards but where oh where is strong law on this ? Forget it, Labour screwed complaints processes up - split them up in Social Care and Health so they had different standards and multiple layers to be encountered. They were used in anti-accountability way . That was planned .

Equally PPI Forums were supposed to be weaker versions of the CHC's because in practice they lost control over viewing-in on statutory advocacy services and making them account to them by direct control over their reporting systems . Labour screwed that up too .. Independent Complaint and Advocacy Services (ICAS) have become split off from the public experience substantially and not truly localised but seperately controlled by the new bureau-sectorite industries Labour have favoured.

The User Voice is now bureacratised across the UK in all but a few places . Corporo-speke is all and many Users too have lost touch in the semi sovietised NHS supply of treaments with the simple lost idea that they should have supply side control over their recovery treatments. The negotiation is one way around . Bureau know best . Sieg ! The Bureauland !

Its beans on the shelf with some chemical additives and Users get to choose which additives they leave out or want added......

A new Ass though has appeared at various levels of the NHS Trusts . Its Brays To The Board ..Its made up of herds of hangers on of ex Users and now Governors of Foundation Trusts - trained up by the very NHS Trust Executives that are the Govt's strings ...

"Oh Board thou art a great and wonderful place to slip around in the greases and straws "- some Assess have said .....(Pigs have migrated to China to make money)

The new windmills are being built on Orwell and Animal Wards across the UK . They say some donkeys still exist as shadows, behind those wallpapers with anti stigma slogans painted on them .

They are not braying though ....They are the donkey-ghosts they say ......

UserWatch will bray for them ..........HeeeeeeeeeHawwwwwwwwwwwww......


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