Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mental Health Teddy Helps Create New UserWatch Logo

UserWatch can announce that Mental Health User consultation with the office Teddy, Harvey and friends has resulted in a photoshop colour party from which two characters innocently emerged. In keeping with duplicity like nasty NHS Trust's who are really soul alligators who have shiny toothpaste logo's etched all over their pointy bits, we too have decided on a duplicitously wonderfully kind duo ...

Yeah in duck egg green skies where fairies fly about ..Tragic and magic are related so the fairies told us

NHS Trusts we want you to know teddy type spirits are watching you closely for where you really put the honey ....

Silvis Rivers Designed (while eating sweets)



PatientGuard said...

Hell this logo is cool

A mummy that looks like Rosie (from Rosie and Jim) said...

cool it is blazing!!!

Zippy, Bungle and that other one are infuriated that they weren't involved in this consultation and are claiming that they were deliberately excluded.

Stigma against Rainbow characters. It just ain't PC matey!

the beat of the tribal drum said...

Animal here. I am so pxssed off I wasn't invited to the consultation.

Is it because I is a Muppet?

mandy lifeboats appeal said...

I am just pissed off cos I missed the sweeties.