Thursday, February 03, 2011

At the Going Down Of the LINK In Brum ?


Its always good to see questions being asked and it appears more are being asked about the Birmingham LINK (Local Involvment Network of Health Monitors) . One candidate in the new "Core Group" elections to be held in February it appears (?) is using the election address statement to put some pretty searching questions - see from documents we have had passed to us :

"£82,249 wasted on research ? £52 ,000 on radio adverts ? Why ?

LINK members should question accountability and responsibility for our money , stop expenditure on expensive lunches , laptops and employing personal assistants for any Core Group member . Who controls the LINK , where is the accountability , investigations into LINK workings not published , good staff gone , a bitter tasted left ? Do not vote for me ."

Now there is a person to vote for !!!

After reading further reports that are lodged with the Birmingham City Council Health Overview Scrutiny Committee on the 15th December we judge the problem lies inside the structure of LINK combined with the way it assumed many inexperienced people might skillfully monitor health .

After looking at all the Birmingham LINK's minutes on the site and alleged "training" we cannot see anything there that resembles training that would have led to services broadly being held to account in a skillful manner. On the other hand we can see several gems of good practice and they appear to have risen out of PPI Forum related practice and good-willed people . Fewer though than Birmingham people should have expected from March 2008 when the PPI fora ended to 2011 .

The diagram structure of the LINK looks cybernetic to us and scared our office dog . One citizen journalist ( from the US) asked if the diagram was of : "BORGINGHAM LINK" ?

"Have they assimilated creativity and dropped it somewhere ? "

And we replied (yeah all of we)

"Don't say that ! We never snigger at your american foul-ups like the sub prime crisis we are all bloody paying for now .. " (hah that taught them )

But here's the diagram of the Brummie hive - WHOOPS sorreeee we mean the "LINK" which may be liked by centipedes in Birmingham that like things with lots of legs



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