Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Birmingham LINK - Free and Flawed Elections ?


Rumours in the UserWatching and LINK-Watching community are circulating that the Birmingham Local Involvement Network is having free and flawed elections .

Free apparently for those who know how to enter them and flawed because if people in Birmingham do not realise how they can vote then they do not get a vote . A few sources contacting UserWatch now claim that only people on a mysterious database behind the scenes can vote ? HUH ?

We asked in pure-street : "WACHA-MEAN ?"

"Ah well (they said) , if you iz on the database of the LINK Host (people that do admin for the LINK) then you getz a vote ..."

So it appears that you people of Birmingham in the main are not on a database and that means you cannot get a vote on who is allegedly wasting money on your behalf .

So how useful are these election processes at the Local Involvement Network of the Birmingham Health Monitoring LINK ? Well it appears they are not useful at all because their reach is critically unsound (hardly any electorate voting ) and it diverts resources from the core duties of Monitoring Health and Social Care on behalf of the Birmingham public .

Who cares ? Does the Health Overview Scrutiny Committee in Birmingham care about processes (elections) that each time waste £3000 pounds to be "checked".

Does Deidre Alden the Chair of that committee care about this ? We guess she does and we hear maybe she is waiting for the moment to administer political chloroform on the worst parts of the LINK's practices.

Lay monitoring has its place on vulnerable groups but fanciful distractions like "elections" are a waste as opposed to training lay people to monitor properly with some of that wasted election money .


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