Friday, February 18, 2011

Gerry Who Says Don't Vote For Me Wins A Seat !


Well its been done ! A man who is a clearly a principled critic of the Birmingham Local Involvement Network (LINK) a health monitoring body and who said " Do not vote for me " has been elected into one of the 7 Core Group seats . (SEE SOURCE )

UserWatch has been contacted by several members of parts of the the astonished Birmingham Public who mostly were laughing about this ... One of them said :

"This strange LINK body which seems to be half filled with genuine health monitors and half filled with some ego chameleons has yet put on another mysterious display which bedazzles - but this man Gerry made sense in being really critical of how money has been wasted and some of us hope he creates a serious check on stopping the empty ego-antics of some posers and helps to aid more real health monitoring in Birmingham "

From papers we had sent to us Gerry's election address to those who appeared eligible to vote, strangely not everyone in Birmingham , stated :

"£82,249 wasted on research ? £52 ,000 on radio adverts ? Why ?

LINK members should question accountability and responsibility for our money , stop expenditure on expensive lunches , laptops and employing personal assistants for any Core Group member . Who controls the LINK , where is the accountability , investigations into LINK workings not published , good staff gone , a bitter tasted left ? Do not vote for me ."

Go go go Gerrrrryyyy ......

It seems from the information reaching us through PCT and other gossip networks that the Bham LINK is conflicted with those who really seem not to know what they are doing and with those that do .

What we are hearing is an effort is being made for reform and we are asking for further information on this from anyone who can send it to us . We are also picking up that "elections" wasted money and efforts when it would have been better to appoint people and train them up and test their capacity for real monitoring through making reports challenging the health and social care systems to account . Wasn't that was LINK was for?

One the best health reporters in Bham named Alison Dayani needs to get into these strange-world "don't vote for me" stories . Where oh where is Alison ? BIRMINGHAM NEEDS HER !

Please report on Birmingham Health Wonderland stories . Alison in Wonderland follow that LINK white rabbit now ..



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