Friday, February 18, 2011

Red And Blue Bollox Mental Health Delusions And China Does Not Exist

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Injure your sensibilities and scream ... After Labour selling everyone out and making them middle class bureaucrats or uni uni uni headucated dreamlings or just imprisoned or inside charity systems of half life and death shelfware and welfare beings we all now join in missing the point of actually needing a realistic modernised respected"working class" that produces for the country on an export led basis .. Where the feck else can money come from .. Cranky banking ?

China does not exist either it fell into fantasy ocean where the rising island of BIIIIG Western Competition suddenly burps into titchronic existence .. God what total bollox ..

And instead of a proper analysis which shows up the stupid selfish class structure dreams in the UK we get : "Whack the unemployed" ....Whack the mentally ill into quick fitness for work by IAPT "Improvement in Access to Therapies" and whack whack whack .

Its sounds like a new fecking species of Tory Sadistic Duck ..

We are off to relieve ourselves - all this is making us want to whack off .. But there again we are UserWhack .. If you cannot beat them - whack off with them ..



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