Wednesday, February 02, 2011

LINKS Get Stabbed Malcolm Rescues By Sheer Wayne-ish Cheek


Well Old NALM And its NALMITE Kids have smacked the DOH's ass
regarding accidentally putting out messages to underfund Lay Health Monitoring
Local Involvement Networks. Ooo-ee those tricky little accidents ...Tut , Tut ...

Over to NALM's site for the story where Big Malk Wayne rode in :

Or read below

Today (21 January 2011), NALM met with Ian Winter, the Deputy Regional (London) Director, Social Care and Partnerships at the Department of Health, and Sarah Crossland, LINks/Local HealthWatch Policy Manager, Public and Patient Experience and Engagement Department, to discuss the Joint Improvement Partnership (JIP ) report on funding of LINks.

It was agreed that LINk should have been actively engaged in the process of preparing the report for the JIP. It also became clear that the statement that ‘the base funding for a LINk, net of population and needs weighting, has been estimated by the DH to be £80k’, is not based on DH policy. The statement has now been withdrawn.

It was also agreed that it is inappropriate for local authorities to have leverage on the work of LINks (although, of course, they do have leverage on Hosts where there is a contract). Ian Winter has apologised and has withdrawn the document.

A revised document will be produced. The meeting was positive, open and constructive and NALM appreciated the approach.

I shall let you have a copy of the revised document when it is produced. As I understand the position, the DH has funded LINks for 2011-12 at the same level as this year, plus inflation. Therefore, local authorities have freedom to fund your LINk at the same level as this year.

(Statement From Malcolm Alexander)


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