Sunday, August 30, 2009

Welfare to Wealth And A4e's Nice Little Earner


We are noting that the People's YouTube media is striking back at the smooth ideas of polished up Welfare To Work. We have posted up two here apparently originating in Scotland .

There really has to be better programmes and direct grants for helping people back to work and training, and more of it under the control of people on benefit because currently there are no negotiating structures they can trust and properly own. The State is in overarching dominion . We think many "welfare to work" programmes are dubious at the outset and there is a need for very tailored training packages for people who are often knackered out damaged people .

But Britain, or part of it, does love to create new prejudice and hatred against some classes of people - has it ever been any different ? The functions of massive shifts of capital and the hating social morality wars thrown at the "jobless" do not match the reality of a redundant country that encouraged free market individualism for the "aspiring classes" and no planned local stability for people's lives ..

Laissez faire = equals fuck all care ...

Welfare to Work equals attempts to buy time for the admin classes to remain mostly Govt supported because of the country's overall incapacity to work and deal with money properly ..

Jeese it was a banker who advised the Govt on all this Welfare to Work stuff and where is the banking sector now ? On taxpayer incapacity benefits..

We see top down rule everywhere in mental health and little ability for patients to negotiate their fates properly . Dominion admin corporo-classes rule .. Why ? Where do the themes join ?

Individualised purchasing power of services being negated and too much wealth at the top of a society going only into selective pockets is a grand belief which creates a kind of weakened de-localising socially controlled slave economy in the real economy, and we already know all about the mental health economy of paid off Users that screwed up the possibility of roll outs of choices of recovery therapies because NIMHE Service-User-bureaucrats took away 100 million over its years from 2004 - end 2008 ...

Britain creates classes of disempowerment really efficiently ... Its finally self undermining .

And look at Emma the CEO of A4e .... If ever there was a moral to the tale its this : that take from the bottom and reward the rich and recreate the symbols of landownership all over again from whence the class society became more sharply pointed ... Does anyone recall there was once a Labour party that opposed these equations ? Now we need another set of politics because work-sectors have been undermined for decades . We need a vision that the politicians do not have and we are all faltering in a world which wants to remain with its economic advantages and classes intact. Something pretty big is going to break and maybe its all of us ..

When countries get economically seriously stressed fascism arises, and a degree of welfare fascism is here already ...... Each step we take is chaos moving into more chaos - it makes some people rich . A4e at best is suffering from good motives clashing with corporate size and power and in a few years Emma Harrison may well be gone...Corporatism kills the authentic heart .


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