Thursday, August 27, 2009

Health Bloggers Show Where To Get Opt Out Forms Of The NHS Records "Dinosaur" Spine


You just relax and feel freer !

The NHS Tyrannosaurus Wrex is now gobbling up patient records in a re-asserted attempt to spinalise them online ... You will be summarised ... Oh Really ? .. You might want to know how to Opt Out - we'll get to that ..

The "spinal solution" in greased up health fascist practice is stomping its way toward you ...

The ground quivers and you spill your tea and crap more if you are on the toilet in the mobile NHS toilet shack .....The mighty jurassic practice beast is here .. It does have a some good points. It sometimes keeps life's ass biting diseased Raptors away... On the other hand beware of its STOMP and accidental swallowing and chomping big six inch teeth ..Its a meat and soul eater .

But listen, if you are very poorly and ill - then you might need a records Big Brother watching you . That may well be in your interests - as for the rest of us - do we need super-arching Govt everywhere or do we need local practices to be speedy and well oiled by good local record keeping including patients having their own duplicated records in different forms if they wish ? We want to own the services not be owned by them .. Remember the organs and tissues they took without permission from people ?

Opt out is up to you if you know how to access the means to do that in Birmingham .

So we will ask others to nick the PDF OPT-OUT forms and bung them where they can to remain accessible ... Frankly we do not trust a system that can harms people via poor record keeping - by over-arching "we know what's good for you" practice or by losses of peoples records in the public sector which get reported every year.

Beware, the NHS laptop dancing beast it is roaming about with your soul's details on it ..

The NHS planners love the logical side of order even if it does become a chaos circus behind the scenes - but lets keep control of them ..

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