Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mental Health Poetry : Highcroft Hospital Judy

Speaking to Judy

Judy was all labels
She was a thousands of us

On post mortem red dribbling tables

But she'd tell you quietly
And to the coroners mask

No no I am not a "skitz"

I was raped by life and by living in "Care"
If you must ask
And I cut myself to bits

I knew I was no good
And only for spitting at and use

But I became by my own needs for love
And distortions of childhood
The razor criss cross of the
Up ended arms of child abuse

This masked man is cutting into me
Now I am with my plaster God
And my plaster god cries

"Judy I'll bandage you with tears and my infinity "


Said I

Judy you are okay
I know there's blood on your mortem gown
And clinical dress

But I love you, love you , love you


With God Bless ....


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