Saturday, August 08, 2009

Mental Health August 8th : Petition Puts On More Numbers- Its 99 Now !


UK Wide PD Spectrum Petition

More Service Users Input -


By a UserWatch Correspondent

Earlier today the UK Wide Personality Disorder Spectrum Petition was 95 . After people putting bulletins across appropriate yahoo groups and Facebook groups it jumped to 99 UK NHS service Users inputed .

This is a good performance so far and the target figure of 100 will see work with the Socialist Health Association to see if its possible to get some further publicity now the numbers are getting more substantial.

50, in all honestly was a surprise because the UK PD community is quite fractured and partly moreso because the NHS has not really got to grips with therapy and treatments supplies for this spectrum of human difficulties and that has a knock on effect of more general disorganistion in the PD community who are often just trying to survive the difficulties of being PD .

The survey is accepting input from Borderline PD (including co-morbid Bi-Polar) and PD as well as the ranges of PTSD and also Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) . These conditions can co-exist in PD Spectrum types .


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