Monday, August 17, 2009

Mental Health Killing Fields With Six Degrees Of Seperation Year Zero Approaches



We are seeing quite a bit talk about services that are running themselves on half empty. Mental Health (MH) Users are cast outwards onto "community". Its financially driven and chocolate coated and sprinkled with magic pop dusts of ideology .

Which often means sweetened zero as usual .

There used to be porridge - now its an empty bowl of patient hole ... Soon it will not be that for some .. We know of several cases of people fighting for help and in essence life itself . One court case on the go, and another person slowly dying from poisoning related to their mental health ailment .

MH Trusts are lethal to some people .

We are seeing the NHS and Trust shift their own standards to suit the new reputational game . False democratics is all - Governors at Trusts play the game without real constituencies . Who the hell really wants these over-compromised arrangements anyway ? There is no popular demand - "Stakeholder" figures are rigged for show - we watched it all - we KNOW ..

Serious Untoward Incidents are shiftily under-reported . Break that down and it means things like attempted suicides may not enter the view for others to see .

There are already examples of Trusts being found out for not following their own standards of reporting SUI's .. Does anything change in the Mental Health NHS ?

No - its lumbers on . It kills patients by remote distance - produces false images of itself . Illusions backed up by ex media employees that cannot get real jobs in the world dealing with reality instead of glossing it up .

Its killing people often slowly by virtue of its own hardened bureau-fortress survival mentality and there is an unmeasured attrition rate of those that get poor help and finally go the way of poor health and death .

Do the MH Charities like MIND and Rethink care .. Wellllllll , they are on track to "de-stigmatise" society and create work for the mentally ill . The problem is the mentally ill have never had choices of creating their own recoveries without the State overbearingly being in the way and fucking it all up .

One of the UW team we'll call them "HAWKEYE" was tracking information recently and tried to track down a relevant officer. The trail was all too typical . Website information was chaotic but a contact number was found and used . It led to a health body with no identity that when asked called itself NHS xxxxxxxx...... When asked what it was, it answered it was once a PCT and now had been rebranded . Sounds like it was rustled by its own Govt cowboy owners and sold back to itself .

It was politically stolen and given back to itself disorientated and confused and confusing to the herds around it .

It gave a number out for another part of the enquiry and by the time any relevant officer finally came on the phone the trail had added up six people altogether for one enquiry .

"Six degrees of seperation "

" AHAAAA ! " shouted Hawkeye - "Now I know what Six Degrees Of Seperation means in the NHS .... It means Six degrees of Detachment .

People and information, services and influence, power and accountability just get more remote and highly selective . What is more, they are sometimes a friendly killing machine, with a clean skinned smile ..

What causes Six degrees of Detachment ?

Well, Managerial unaccountability practice syndrome colluded with by Govt and senior Civil Servants are where its planned .. And IT IS planned and nodded and winked to silently ....


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