Saturday, August 08, 2009

Mental Health UK PD Survey Gains More Numbers

UK Wide PD Spectrum Survey Achieves 95 Inputs ! 5 to go for 100 !

By UK Mental Health Health Activist Art De Rivers

95 xxx


The UK Wide Personality Disorder Spectrum Survey hosted by the Socialist Health Association has achieved 95 inputs so far from UK mental health service Users . We are pushing for the 100 ! We will take the results to the Care Quality Commission and other bodies.


It was started on May 27th 2009 and has been running since then .

It was primarily inspired by the sad death of
Kate Logan who passed away after sadly not achieving the kind of help she wanted - it has also been spurred on by the Story of Tabi Cockerton " A Fairy a Day keeps Abandonment Away" . Tabi suffers severe dissociation.

Allies of Tabi are trying to help her get the treatment she needs after her Trust appears to have pulled the plug on that . A facebook campaign has started and is backed so far by 204 people . People can sign up to it and recruit others .

There is no doubt that in some parts of the PD community UK wide there is a level of great need for help and precious little facilitation of that sometimes .

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