Sunday, October 12, 2008

World Mental Health Day And Light Relief

UserWatch Gives Light Relief

The UserWatch team prowl dark local patient areas in the new NHS and Mental Health Charity existential binlands where the increasingly well fed NHS fur-lined User Crats mowl in meetings and stalk ..

But frankly - or wankly, if you look at the cartoon above that emerged from deep boned experience of Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust, we have heard back from a few of the Team ....Yeah, KAKATOO has not wasted time either as we can see and some staffies no doubt will be harassing UserWatch for being hatebags with acid balls with nails through them etc ..

Apparently some of the UserWatch Team though have been talking to local Birmingham Users about World Mental Health Day and its theme and it was revealing . It emerged quite quickly in uniquely lateral logics that some Users thought Dorothy was on Oz-ward and that the Wicked Witch Of The West who controlled World Mental Health Day was actually senior management figures . But UserWatch would not locally accuse Sue Turner the CEO of BSMHFT that - Nahhhhhh...

She is uniquely one-derful ...

Some Users (confidentiality preserved) said Kansas where all the tornadoes happened and Toto's descendents pissed on local bushes, was next to the World Mental Health Day town : "WANKAS"...

We absolutely dis-associate ourselves from this belief because Kansasians are good people and are not associated with the World Mental Health Day "WANKAS" - unless they too have World Mental Health Day parades there ......

Another young lady User reportedly said : "WANKAS - is the Zietgeist FOOLS"..

Another User claimed to have seen the geist-thing film and they had to up their medication afterwards .

"Yeah but that was that Polter thing" ... Said another User apparently .

"Stephen Hawking made it " Replied another, say the Team

"CERN has lost its particles and so have I " Replied another in the World Mental Health Day conversation which had now moved on from Dorothy to geists to other types of unintended Stephens and then towards fundamental origins of the universe..

"Patient Choice is a rare particle in NHS Physics !" -

Piped up a UserWatch Team member trying to be fucking clever and failing other UserWatch members judged by sheer User-scowls

"Are CERN part of the NHS ? " Said another User

One User with pure focus reportedly shouted out :

"You are all fucking WANKAS" ...

Everyone apparently agreed and stopped being prejudicial to World Mental Health Day Towns allegedly next to Kansas . It may be rare pariticles like strange-hope and Patient Choice may be detected one day, but until then everyone needs a good solid hand and some light relief .....We know the Services though get their planning brief from WANKAS and the furry User Crats often seek lots of extra creaming there .. They are truly WANKASIANS ...

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