Friday, October 10, 2008

Al The Cannie Announces Care Website For Birmingham You Can Spell Out Your Views On

SEEEEEEE.... UserWatch is not always nasty to bureaubods - We do things for the Government too . Secretary Of State Alan Johnson after a beer or ten with us all has announced a website that people in Brum can access to spell out how they think social care should be shaped in the future .

We hope some mental health users will use this - but the first problem is what you might call "locked context" - since most people have known nothing but Council social care services could they possibly stretch to seeing another supply side which might help them more ? Its true that the Local Council do "Social Care" assessments and then there are some private suppliers the money pays for - but how much does this stretch across to wider User-Choice in adult mental health ? Not much ..

But for all that we will put the link to that website here - see below for Al's full text .


People in Birmingham will today have the opportunity to shape Government policy and tell the Health Secretary Alan Johnson what they think about the future of the care and support system in England. (SEE WEBSITE HERE TO GIVE YOUR VIEWS )

In the next 20 years the number of people over 65 in the West Midlands will increase by 373,800 (43%) and the number of people over 85 will increase by 101,700 (93%).

As a result, the care system must change to meet the changing needs of society.

The engagement on the future of care and support involves members of the public, people who use services and their families joining the Secretary of State to discuss their views on what kind of system they want to see in the future, as well as how it should be funded.

Alan Johnson said:

"In 20 years’ time the number of over 65s in Birmingham will have increased by 16 per cent so it’s vital I discuss, with the people of Birmingham, how we can create a high quality, affordable care and support system for a rapidly ageing population "

“The care and support system for the future should promote independence, choice and control for everyone. It is important that everyone has their own personalised care plan so that they can choose how their needs are met both though the care and support system and the NHS. We are committed to creating a care and support system that meets the needs of our ageing population and their families. I urge people to get involved - the reform affects us all.”

In 20 years’ time a quarter of the entire adult population in England will be over 65 and the number of people over 85 will have doubled. We expect over 1.7 million more people to have care and support needs in 20 years’ time.

Millions of people across the country are involved with providing and using care and support. This reform is about finding a new way to help people stay active, care for family members, retain maximum dignity and respect and have the best possible quality of life.

Members of the public can contribute their views through a website :

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