Saturday, October 04, 2008

The ServicesThat Warp Selves And Birmingham And Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust

UserWatch UK And The Sick Mental Health Tapestry

We see Mr Peter Mandelson has come back to Labour . One might call him Mr Bent Imagery and Spin. We've seen the evolved parallel culture also constructed by the media zeitergeist of spin at Birmingham and Solihull Mental HealthFoundation Trust, which extols its aims of being a service which can be recommended to all .

What Users have told us recently in the south of the city from contact with staff and the very lame internal User Voice is the Trust knows its relationships with Users are actually bad. There are rumours of documents going around that re-inforce this but the secretive Trust apparently has kept them inside tight circles ... So we have not seen these ... Yet Users working for the Trust tell us they feel uneasy and set within an overcompromised set of circles in which the Users Voice has become "Trust Knows Best"....

We note from the film which we carry here courtesy of Google (and BBC) that broadly people have been seen by the political and planning classes as something to mind-manipulate with the right "products" and images that are cultivated to plug into their so called inner need .

We know this type of thinking is characteristic of mental health planning across the country and we have seen it with Sainsbury's Centre For Mental Health being central to many Govt adopted plans to get impoverished and damaged personalities and many Service Users (long term ones too ) back into work.

We've always took the line that creating a culture of proper patient choice is the first priority. Backing that with serious money for both short term and longer term Users to plan management and recovery strategies -whilst using the market outside of the Golden Bull of the NHS

SCMH orientated their pole of action around work and CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) pushes very pointedly and patient choice took back burner . They and others helped to get rid of the asylums in the 1980 - 2000's and sell the idea of Users in the "community".

Mass systematization of "treatment" is still all in the NHS and its Trusts and what is so often spinningly sold, is bad often inhuman services which neglect patients in cleverer and cleverer ways and sell it well in annual reports and other media regalia ..

Trusts depend now on a growing class of ex-journalists who have nowhere to go but PR as the world changes with internet pressure .. Yes , set a thief to catch a thief - so to speak ...

The truer sense of what the patient wants is bound up in a longer term culture that "knows best" for the patient - and yet does not - its knows best how to continue damage in people damaged and keep them away from suitable and authentic navigation over the long term if they need it .

Forget the NHS as a caring equation - its a career equation in reality for many on the end of it without empathic and therapeutic answers ..

It can ofcourse serve those who are permanently "acute" and keep them housed in their "acute" status, and yet sadly so long term are our cultures of erasing what is left of the inner worlds of some of these patients under "caring drug regimes" that they will never be alive to any notion of Patient Choice .. They no longer have the consciousness to recruit for that ..

We have spun well. The false self of inner illusion and manipulated needs , is King ...Isnt it Peter?

As we weave within a banking crisis created by financial illusions of people having what they want without the ability to pay, so Labour re-recruit the conductor of the orchestra of Spin. In mental health we have had spin for years and increased internal NHS career bureaucracy taking over the money that patients should have had for choice . Some of these careerists are now called the "User's Voice" too ... We are good at illusions aren't we ? ...

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