Friday, October 10, 2008

This Is A Mental Health Users Way Forward - Learn To Use Blogger - GET A VOICE



We at Birmingham And Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust UserWatch UK applaud Google for making Blogger and tutorials available which is part of the growing ability for people to democratise the web and not have the pyramidicity of the media as the sole place for information to flow . This is a good move by Google and we missed it for a time it ! It needs to be spread in our mental health communities and we have been doing some of that that already at UserWatch (for free) - i.e. hands on teaching of real mental health Service Users to use Blogger who are now more autonomous ..

We have talked about this "pyramidicity effect" in the corporate planning of national mental health health in the UK . Its not altogether good, to say the least, when patients (Service Users) cannot get to the health supply side they need and they watch staff and quasi staff bureaucracies gaining more and more operatives, but still patient support needs are unmet and even disappear because of no representation of those in corners of the community ..

We'll do everything we can to support those who need their OWNED SERVICE USER VOICE and to compete politically and socially against those who claim to be their mouths for them ..

We actually believe in freedom of the individual and do things to make it so - we do not pay great heed to pc ways forward which are in the contrary repertoire of the strangely fascist Liberal-left who mostly create bureaucracies - ie. career freedoms for themselves .. Capiche? We've seen it at first hand ...

At UserWatch we are making sure our communities know about too . Hey ...Buckle your Blog shoes on ... Now ! Public !

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