Thursday, October 09, 2008

The UserWatch Cheek Award For Successful Borg Cubery

We Tell It In Black And White

UserWatch Winks At Users Who Told Us They Like

"Black and white truth"

Okay, Okay, Okay ..Sue Turner CEO of Birmingham And Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust gets our "black and white " award for creating a collective of sheer borgery. A "Foundation Cube Award" we suppose ...Luckily the Trust's nano-probes have not come our way, though their admin class solicitors trawled UserWatch some time ago ... And we watched them watching us in a kind of "watchery -stand off " ... Some of the borgered User's that contact us have gone green from being injected with chemical care... Half alive though, they say , in a wrap around cube system is better than death without better support and that leaves some marooned for years ....

Though we hear that the NHS and the Birmingham And Solihulli Mental Health Foundation Trust is readying itself for morphing and looking to "Third Sector" formula - to build more community health responses - perhaps raiding the lottery too we hear ...

Amazing how the lottery has become tendrilled into health policy and health spending ...Take it from us there are Trusts and Strategic Health Authorities involved in big lottery cash swills now ... Boundaries have collapsed around Labour policy and new mechanisms for mental health service delivery ...Lottery cash is really back door tax receipts for national policy objectives ..

Like we've said in other posts - they the Trusts "sod locality" ....And by this we mean that NHS Trusts in mental health are their own cubed islands representing the nationalised "collective" view of the "patient". The real individual patient exists outside the cube and so do others in the localities who need a service but are locked out by collectively agreed mechanisms that serve the borg hierarchy and the plans it has to enrich other parts of its collective - usually by anihilating the view of needs just outside it but also inside it ..

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