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Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health The Foundation Surplus And Death By Suicide

As the new Trust launches into "Poundationhood" here are the figures from the publically available Board minutes . Almost 2% of income from the DOH is "surplus" - just who missed out on care ? We can give you one suicide here but there are more to follow - we'll consider reporting on them later ..


"TO BE HELD ON: 30th JANUARY 2008"

"As at the end of December2007 , the Trust is reporting an Income and Expenditure surplus of just under £4.0m, compared to a £3.6m surplus for the previous month.

Healthcare income recovery has improved marginally again in month, and is now showing an under performance of circa £0.1m. Pay spend has returned to its previous trend levels following the impact of pay awards during November. Non pay spend remains in line with budget. A number of commitments against reserves are still to be made during the last 3 months, particularly relating to enabling and equipping works relating to the Birmingham New Hospitals project and the ‘Deep Clean’ programme. Delivery against the Trust’s CIP target shows that circa £1m remains outstanding on a recurrent basis, although based on further work with Service and Corporate Directors this is expected to be largely achieved by year end.

The Trust’s forecast surplus position at year end remains at £3.9m- just under 2% of overall income.

Capital spend has increased to £3.7m and a detailed profile of spend in the last quarter is
shown on appendix 4.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding its various programmes, the Trust has revised its CSIP
forecast outturn to a predicted surplus of between £350k and £850k. Agreement has
been reached with NHS West Midlands on a flexible approach to CSIP brokerage to
ensure that there is no impact on the Trust position......."

We hear with heads bowed in the North of Birmingham there's been another suicide of a woman Service User - we won't say where we will wait for family to grieve ...But for sure its true this is a "Highly performing Trust" its their favourite text of late ...Sort of poundation-polished in a kind of self trapping spherical mirror so the top brass can see their own gleeming teeth in all they do on the brilliant concave surfaces with the in-house User Groups and sad cash diverting circus around them .

In memory of K .

For figures drowned you
And us

While they launched
Pure images on a polished bus

And who has paid their fare ?

But the blood of your life
And a lack of care

Ding ding forgive them
In the barbs of loss

Poor woman this time
On the finance cross

Other Developements : See : carries this story above which Silvis Rivers Poet-Artist has posted there, here is a response by an American poster named Mary :

Hi silvisrivers,

duo marked your item "Another Death By Suicide And The New Birmingham And Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust Finance Surplus " as Good Stuff.

Another Death By Suicide And The New Birmingham And Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust Finance Surplus

[MARY] silvisrivers, I like this story. It's good stuff. Do you think since UK doesn't acknowledge the mental health needs of its citizens sufficiently to use its full budget, it could possibly loan that surplus to America? According to a study released in March by the Treatment Advocacy Center, for every 20 public psychiatry beds in the U.S. in 1955, only 1 such bed remained in 2005. Probably not even 1 by now -- maybe a pallet in the corner. We have seriously mentally ill people over here committing suicide as well as mass murders, wandering society homeless, and imprisoned for lack of hospital space. We could sure use the money. What with seeing to human rights around the globe, we're a little short right now on funds to care for our mentally ill citizens, you see. If you send Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust this link, maybe they would help us with their surplus funds. Mary Neal Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally IllWebsite:


[Silvis Rivers] Yeah ....Points taken Mary ....Yes really ... If the UK used surpluses generated at new Foundation Mental Health Trusts and helped get Americans well they could all come over here and support our needs ..Yeahhhh its a virtuous circle and God knows

"I love America "

(in fact kissing americans and hugging them because of my inner empathic teddy)

However God bless you and may I say :

In the burning of the Bush
The vision came
Of a family licking in the flame

Beating twisting metal
At the forge
And there my Mary
Poured the energy of war
Sparkling into the gorge

All tough we were
And brave with eagled freedom
Under blue and red
And coloured sky

Until we returned
Post traumatised
And learned by God and heart we had to cry ...

(in memory of my war brothers)

Silvis Rivers (Poet Artist)



Mary Neal said...

EXCELLENT NEWS! WE MAY NOT NEED THE LOAN AFTER ALL! Good news! U.S. Senate Approves Mental Health Parity in Veto-Proof Vote of 69-30!

See story at this link:

PatientGuard said...

Good I am glad you have some good news ...