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Mandy's Lifeboat In A Swirl Of False NHS Finances

While Mandy of "Mandy's Lifeboat" in the UK is having heavy weather of it with the crap mental health services not supporting her family properly and listening to the accuracy of her concerns about her now desperate Bipolar suicidal father - and boy she had expressed them on her site okay, and to the useless team of so called services - there goes her NHS Trust making a financial surplus . So what does surplus equal ? Oh there's cast iron proof about this from their own Board Papers - just allow us short UserWatch rant first ..

"Surplus" partly equals fucking bullshit guidance by the DOH and Strategic Health Authority making sure Trusts are self rationing with patient care - yet on top of that - as if it was not enough - Trusts are supposed to make "SURPLUSES" to go into the Foundation Trust bid ( the new NHS financial format) which is overseen by MONITOR ....The same is happening in Birmingham - patient care is rationed and so tight arsed you would have thought the BSMHTrust has an anal tailor who is good at stitching arseholes things up . Yeah probably


Below is the finance text taken from their 2007 Board minutes... What makes these corporate pratts believe in this crap though ? A better world ? That's doubtful - its simple admin class conformity that finally sells out people's care and knows it and does little to really protest .

Time to do something ...

(Below Taken from Beds and Luton Partnership Trust Minutes and Docs )

5. Looking Forward

5.1 The DoH is demanding that an efficiency requirement of 2.5% will need to be found in 2007/08. All directorates have been tasked with identifying ways to achieve a 10% cost reduction over the next four years, as part of our Foundation Trust application, with particular emphasis on the 2.5% required for 2007/08. The initial results of this have now been reviewed and will be played into budgets for 2007/08.

5.2 Budget setting is virtually complete and the draft budgets are presented on the Closed Board agenda. The budgets are based on a breakeven assumption, in line with our statutory duty, but the SHA has requested that we aim for a surplus of £1.6 million. This figure comes from the FT diagnostic exercise, where a particular set of assumptions was made. Those assumptions have been overtaken by events and a surplus of this size (2.3% of our health income) is not possible without major service cuts. We are in discussion with the SHA to clarify this issue.

6. Conclusion

6.1 The Trust is forecasting to achieve a surplus of £506k by year end. At this point in the year we can be confident of being able to achieve this figure, despite some minor risks which may impact on the final two months of the year.

6.2 Board members are requested to review this report and raise any queries.

Gerry Nolan – Director of Finance & Performance Management
Author: Alan Hubber, Finance Manager
22nd February 2007

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