Sunday, July 06, 2008

"Get Them In The Art" NHS Mental Health Art Competition Winner Again

A Bottle Of Sparkling Shit goes to :


Bane-pain of the National Hellth Service


Featuring an existential Disfiguron modelled on the moral twists of the in-house User-Voice in Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust, KAKATOO (KAK for short) - half shark and other parallel worlder, the judges at UserWatch decided, has captured the tainted disgrace of moral truth that walks like a death in life of well paid bad faith ....

We admit we had to hide our hands every 3 seconds from the revealed distort-body of the Disfiguron that is reputed to live by redigesting matter in its own anus .....Still it will be well paid even if its teeth are brown and breath is worse than Satan's arse after maggot-stew ...

Well-hell done New Labour, your work in the 60th year of the National Health Service and your policies have attracted a hybrid DNA policy recombination cross-species that is rumoured emerged from actual human material ....

God is pushing for a new concept of SIN too now... Satan and God are rumoured to be in discussions about this new development outside of their powers ..


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