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WallCraft's Wishcrafting Resigns As DOH Body Clamps Down Hard On User's Voices (Sainsbury's Centre For Mental Health Connections)

Credit Where Its Due Jan : "Top Down" User Voice Clamping

By Staffy Professionals Is Everywhere !

But lets have a look closer at you too ..

Jan's Open Statement About Voice Clamping Dec 2007

Jan Wallcraft (NIMHE Expert By Experience fellow) was the leading light of SURGE (mental health - Service Users Research Group In England) working out of Sainsbury Centre For Mental Health. SURGE is connected up to the UK MHRN Mental Health Research Network (Financed by the Dept Of Health) which itself is connected to NIMHE and other Govt policy favouring webbed and sticky bodies .

She has clearly had enough of "Top Down" freezing up of Users Voices at the hands of UK MHRN although this trend has been going on for some time across the country in the mental health section of the NHS broadly despite its promotional posings .

Jan herself in the opinion of Users has lent her support to the credibilising of NIMHE which has turned into a Govt anti disability and anti benefit work drive and not a User Led, primarily treatment reform body - NIMHE also used up money (100 million from 2004 - 8 full forcast) that could have created piloted Users Choices...Heaven forbid that Patients should have actual treatment choices...NO they've been locked out of that for years by professionals with their own state career agenda's at stake. The misery though has been owned for years by Users .

Jan, stationed at SURGE on the 2nd floor of Sainsbury's Centre For Mental Health says :

"We feel it has become untenable to work in the current climate of "top down" non transparent decision making which we feel has been so damaging to power sharing , partnership and effective involvment "

Her two colleaugues have also resigned....We Trust you can all click on the picture to see the resignation statement larger...

However all the wish-crafting drama comes on the back of associated criticism of NSUN (A thrust for a Service Users Network based in London ) a body set up by people like David Crepaz Keay and supported by a national charity headed by an Ex Dept of Health Civil Servant who is also an ex CEO of Sainsbury's Centre for Mental Health ....NSUN was supported by Jan but not by others in the UK who criticised how it too had a "Top Down" undemocratic take ....

Its seems the radical message is still underneath everyone's noses that patients want patient centred choices (not bureaucratically-over-mediated ones and disproportionate MH Charity led bullshit about employers and society's anti stigma ) that they can directly employ but that this has become corrupted by too many other agenda's including the Govt's work-mania and careerists hanging around the damaged human condition.

Patient-First i.e. "User-led", cannot mean much until New Labour give up trying to over-control the patient and start creating vouchers for individuating growth locally. Where you get the money from is by de-bureaucratising and trusting the patient to grow and quality drive the cultures necessary for more quality of life ... Patient allowances , better lottery grant targeting , and real choices of stabilising therapies outside of the clamping CBT favouring NHS would have sharpened up the otherwise choiceless sovietised defeated local patient cultures that we see everywhere in the NHS UK ..

And Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust is not any different unless you eat cream cakes and work with the Chiefs and their cretworks....Oh cuck it.. there's goes our spilling again

We admit at UserWatch our ovens bake old barbed wire cakes ... We bleed as we digest a truth that the NHS bureaufats do not experience or live with .....Our quotient of wickedness powders is enclosed here too , to sprinkle on your barbed wire cakes ...

Incidentially below is a bad wicked and norty KAKATOO cartoon about Comic Relief who funded the drab NSUN brigade which was hosted by the charity Together......What does it all mean ?

Belief in Relief Now 2


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