Monday, December 03, 2007

Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust UserWatch Under Attack By Senior NHS Staff Figure In London

Poor old UserWatch was under attack by a NHS staff member today ...Oh they wanted to sizzle us with nasty comments left over the nasty comments we left to re-balance the falsely deep cleaned mind environment of the spirit-necrotising mental health NHS services . God knows their comments even frightened the dogs at the UserWatch old sewer farm offices

"Oh we know who watches us " Said Inspector YOOZA.. Smelling a little ..

"Yes we can trace them to their terminal.. And oh norty norty ! They were on theirs for 48 mins on one occasion.......They were probably multi tasking though giving the needle in one hand to poor User's bums while wishing to shaft old UserWatch's by looking at their computer screen too "

UserWatch with madmiration loves moral escapology and poodhini elasticity by Staff ...Many have brilliant stretched-credibility skills and bungee senses of reality .....

Yeah, its a really health-giving environment meeting senior staff with that special collusive silence of see-all the shit and say nowt ...The mafia are looking to the mental health NHS staff culture now for training it has been reported ..

When did NHS sponsored neurosis become "normal"? Will our spunky little NHS staff member inform us ?....Oh go on SPUNKY .... Fill us in so to speak ....

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