Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Rethink Media Manipulation Circus Trick User-Voice-Rebel Reports

Piggy Restink

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Below is the Mental Health Charity Restink's new politically correct anti stigma take having a go at FaceBook - How impressive (not really) ......This superficial attention grabbing approach by them avoids the real issues in mental health recently and distracts as usual from the main stigma practiced by Govt namely that care is lacking, surpluses are made on the back of crap access to therapies (and crap amateur quality too) and patients get no serious autonomising Patient Choice in mental health.

The Chiefs of the mental health bureaucracies just obediently roll out policy to flatten all recognition of real Patient Choice. They even have big brothers watching over it, and everyone now - something we'll show you all later ..

In Birmingham UK, Rethink runs some services that have seen some Users just walk away from them... They are so keen according to one User of a Day Centre to get Users to do cleaning work on the cheap : "As a work incentive" that Users have abandoned going there because they claim when they feel ill they don't want the workarsing hassle...

Well, that is what is said by the "experts in experience" who quite suddenly, when it suits , are workarse material . Rethink though created the fiasco of the Winston Churchill statue in a straitjacket and it got booted ignominiously out of the UK Norfolk precinct where locals objected to its weak manipulative and useless take. What was it supposed to do ? Anger the Right Wing in the country ?

Most of them were as bemused as the Users community was even though some of the User community had been manipulated by the liberal-left-right (whatever they are) media gymnast cadres in London with their new Anti stigma long hatted inquisitor uniforms at the ready ..

The Charitocracy however along with the new ex Civil Service Lord of Rethink are poised to raise the anti stigma wands on someone or other, so as create distractive collusive magics while the Govt shafts mental health with new CBT bullshit and corporate workarse ambitions ..

What are these tossers going to do with the web-mental-health-user-community though that freely thinks and that is outside the UK political circus ? Beat it with Dept of Health paper boomerangs ... ?

Lets just say enlightened Users really think Rethink ought to campaign for authentic treatments and care - which are widely lacking still instead of bullshitting civil servicely along with Govt that wants to falsely manipulate "anti-stigmatise" mental health matters to pressure employers and the USERS into an unsustainable culture of "work" as opposed to proper supports and other types of socially valued activities ....


Most of us have regained the word "Mad" to be more positive and its the same with "Nutter"....We are the Users - we don't know what the Charities are any more though because they are so full of ex DoH civil servants ....


Rethink: Charity brands online mental health quiz “irresponsible and damaging”

Wednesday, 12 Dec 2007 08:22

Mental health charity Rethink has today expressed its disgust at an online mental health quiz featured on social networking site Facebook.

The quiz, entitled “What mental disorder do you have?”, invites Facebook users to answer questions to find out if they or their friends have a mental health problem. “C’mon, we know you must have something!” it reads.

The quiz covers issues such as:

“You often feel that people are watching you”

“You feel as if people are out to get you”.

“You feel extremely hyper somedays to the point where you almost drive yourself crazy”

At the end of the quiz the person is given a diagnosis. Those deemed to have manic depression are advised to “start living” and to “eat lots of fast food and candy” while those diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder are told “Relax! You have OCD and it’s annoying everyone you come in contact with”.

Jane Harris, head of campaigns at Rethink, says that the quiz should be erased. She says:

“Not only is this quiz irresponsible, it is also potentially damaging to people who may be experiencing real symptoms of mental illness. People experiencing mental distress often turn to the internet in search of information and advice. Being told to “relax” or “eat lots of fast food” is neither helpful nor sensible advice. The makers of this quiz should be ashamed and Facebook should take the quiz down immediately. It is not acceptable for mental illness to be trivialised in such a way.”

The quiz has been posted on Facebook by Froonie, a technology and telecommunications service. Other Froonie quizzes include “What crappy Christmas gift are you?” and “What kind of friend are you?”.

About Rethink

Rethink, the leading national mental health membership charity, works to help everyone affected by severe mental illness recover a better quality of life. We aim to provide hope and empowerment through effective services and support to all those who need us and campaign for change through greater awareness and understanding.

For further information on the charity and its work, visit: or call 0845 456 0455.

The Mental Health Shop was created by two leading mental health charities, Rethink and Mental Health Media, and features an array of books, leaflets, DVD's and videos on a range of mental health topics including recovery, treatment and discrimination. This unprecedented collaboration now allows for a ‘one stop shop’ combining a range of mental health publications and products.Visit End of story



Anonymous said...

I think Rekink set this all up ...The Trust in Bham Uk sets a lot up too its a real shame money is used that way to con Users ....

Its all appearances and wasted money which should go to Users care...

Anonymous said...

Yeah the Trust in Birmingham set a lot up okay and like to keep mouths closed down

Anonymous said...

I am not going to be giving any more money to MH charities until they demonstrate a williningness to listen to and materially help those they claim to serve. I was horrified that the Mental Health Foundation sends its staff on sponsored holidays to fund itself.

Rethink seems in this for the money too.

Not mine. Not any more.