Saturday, December 29, 2007

Can Anyone Remain Mentally Healthy In Suicide Cult Pakistan? - And The Tragedy Of Benazir's Death UserWatch Comments

Its a sombre time for those people who are moved by the death of a politician (with Birmingham UK connections) who lost her father in such a horrific way as hanging by the Pakistan dictatorship State years ago . In her last moments she stood up to meet the people, took a risk and paid inside a very unstable State which seems to be tearing itself apart. Political forces boil down to how people feel in the end about each other in large grouped ways and in Pakistan whole areas of the populace are alienated to Western aims and values while some aspire to them

At UserWatch we know of marginalised people who are driven into internal extremity by the society and families in which they live which misses their world view, their Self. - if its even developed . If they are alone and "nucleated" in the anti-emotional West some go fragmentedly mad.

The State becomes all and in mental health micro-arenas it produces its own "terrorists" , usually powerless in the West which end up exploding inside themselves because there is nowhere to be heard or no where real to find a home for a more authentically received self .....

Maybe that's what lacking everywhere and more-so in poorer countries where suicidality and despair is put to easier political use in bombing the State and others. Take a look at suicide bombings in Pakistan. Is it more "rational" politics ? Or is it the politics of super rage and people driven super irrational ?

Here and Here and Here

In Benazir Bhutto's death we at UserWatch admit we cannot find an easy view to depend upon but rather a dreadful weave of strands of let-down people disaffected by years of corrupt and inadequate statehood and misled by religio-political "leaders" into a dream of a better heaven when deep down its just a life of met needs that many want ..... At UserWatch we believe people drive others mad and craze them, we think it happens to many in family and social circles too over a long time and it finally emerges as cults or hyper self interested neurotic groups or some groups that are the powerful insiders and some are forced to be the "outsiders". Its a global condition. "Democracy" balances on it . We are a half-mad race driving others mad with the contradictions of our own neurotic narcissims and some have no more room to tolerate it, and choose, or have to explode .

We mourn the death of Benazir Bhutto because she was human and she represents at various levels and identifications the contrary complex weave of us all ....

In Pakistan
She was a kind of Marilyn
With rope and tears
For a heart

For father and for womankind
To tame the ripping soul
That rips the Pashtun tribes apart

She was the politics
Of popularity and hell
Of contradictions to mend

She stood exposed
She knew she would
And in her shadow father
Her hand meets him at her end........

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