Monday, December 31, 2007

Mental Health Service User In Birmingham UK Eaten By NHS Tiger

Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust UK have admitted to keeping a tiger of an odd shape and feeding a Service User to it ...Exclusive picture shown courtesy of a cheeky bastard artist known to us ......

Hah ! ADMIT IT ! We got you with our NEW YEAR'S FOOL TRICK .... Don't give us that crap about April either most of us at the USERWATCH team are quite mad and believe in Time dislocations and sheer innovation OKAY ... We are positive about our madness and believe in positive use of disorientation.. And , where would you be without us in 2008 to haunt the top Staffies and tell the truth about their man eating ward pets and caged wild flesh ripping Executive Directors. We hear they would love to rip into UserWatch ..... Deep down its love .. It's just savage kissing really ..

But is there any truth in the NHS Tiger on the loose ? Is this just another cat story where the local pus has been exagerrated ? NO its not ....Try this story on the BBC

And that wonderful line in that BBC report from former NHS Chief Exec. Sir Ian Carruthers :

" Our culture is to pretend things don't happen or to recognise they do but try to deal with them outside any processes "

In our opinion many more mental health patients psychologically die before they die because of the dispiriting way thay are "treated" - to a "waiting room" jam tomorrow existence or community corner without direct (if necessary non-nhs) Patient Choices of treatments, control or real hope. Meanwhile top Staffies go on holiday to Florida or the Bahamas ....Oh yes they do ...

Happy New Survival in 2008 To All Service Users Avoiding The Service Tiger's Teeth


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