Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Trust Over-uses Restraints In Birmingham + No Audits For Child Abused Yet

Dear Johnny,  CEO and Wizard of the Great Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Emerald Foundation Trust  , we are anonymous - well kind of.
So we qualify Great John - for writing to you according to your poster but with a Userwatch Duty Of Candour too that means we spit things out honestly. Quickly.  But that's an amazing poster John - great imagination -  but how does anyone get to contact you really?  .... We hear you do not seem as available as Sue Turner the retired CEO used to be....Hell !  We might be wrong John !  But it's what we hear from Service Users ...

Maybe we just do not know the privileged Users or special ones :)  who get to meet the Great John ! 
And hey ,  we also hear the Trust under you at the moment requires  improvement.  Quote from the CQC 2017 report  :

We are not being cheeky John --- Nahhh never that John .... We have our researchers out looking at CQC 2017 documents that state the Trust needs to improve. You know,  on chemical coshing of people because you were all still using out of date 2005 guidance from NICE and tranquilizing people too quickly!
Look John - as anonymous nobodies - qualifying to write to you - we have something to say about Child Abused Adult Survivors in mental health buried under all sorts of "treatments" which frankly denies human history....
Look John we all need a Duty Of Candour in our society don't we ?  Admitting real (child abused) history and historical damages are treated as mentally pilled  illness in far too many people ...

So lets get an audit of the problem out in society and stop discriminating against the child abuse survivors in mental health and get them Patient Choices of treatments ...
Bankers, which rhymes with another word -  that everyone has supported for years with spending cuts can help can't they now they are re-capitialised on the back of everyone ?  Or even politicians of all parties that never create remedies of Patient Choice Of Therapies for loads of personality disordered child abused people the BBC reported on lately can surely get their political insight arses into gear and audit child abuse in mental health adult survivors and correlate it with long term static psychotherapy-less disability ?
NO wonder child and other abused people go mad in the world when most are not even validated for the abuses they have suffered.  So John the Great,  what's been happening with  some of them at the Trust :  Quote from the same CQC report : 
You know that is sad .... With so much information that psychotic people too are mostly victims of childhood mis-treatments and child abuse (see John Read's work on over 30 thousand studies on causal links between child abuses and psychosis ) 


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