Monday, January 15, 2018

Lets Audit Child Abuse Factors In Mental Health Birmingham Users First

How the Birmingham Report In Abused Girls Was Suppressed

There is still much work to be done to expose why sexually/emotionally abused children end up as adults who evolve from them and have mental health illness created by others hurting their minds and bodies.   A lot of poor mental health even at the psychotic end of descriptors is caused by mistreatment in childhood....It's often been institutionally ignored. We contend it still is by Mental Health (MH) Trusts who do not audit child abuse backgrounds in the patients that come to them. Whether that be,  sexual abuses, physical or emotional abuses or mixtures of that over years. The result is patients with a static life on drugs and very poor supplies of empathic therapy rebuilding their emotional lives. We know that these arguments have been put forwards to MH Commissioners in Birmingham lately who have been re-designing services for Seriously Mentally ill people to get to work..The new model designed is a "Work As Recovery Driven Model".   Missing the fact that for years there's been no emotional rebuilding of broken core-self , in many of these pilled up folk .....
Anyone that wants to argue with this idea that Child Abuse causes mental illness can go and read the work by John Read (psychologist) and his colleagues who studied 30+ thousand studies on  causes of psychosis who found high correlations between abuse in childhood and fragmented minds.
UserWatch is aware of many Users in Birmingham that have been through poor care systems and care mistreatment. We are certainly aware too of the way politicians have been burying parts of the poor care system all the way back to the 1991 Jesson Report in Birmingham that saw patterns of child abuses ....We all saw too 1200 - 1400 girls affected by politically correct politicians and police not speaking up to protect them better in Rotheram  .
We say there is  a powerful need to Call For Evidence in Birmingham for the amount of buried child abuses in the mental health systems.  A powerful need to re-audit mental health service users for the amount of unheard untreated pain in their historically bound emotionally damaged lives ..
Where were their hearings ? Where was their validation ? Where was the longer term therapy supplies based on mourning and holding them ?  Where were there patient choices to get well properly ? Some of them had to end up going to the Rape Crisis Sexual Violence Project Centre to be properly heard decades after the mental health services "treated them" .... 
There are many MH Service Users under the radar of the media and the MH networkers out there under-reporting or not probing this buried factor of de-stabilising child abuse more....We know .... 


Many MH patients have been child abused and largely forgotten ... We need new nationwide audits on this to design services that aid trauma and therapy treatments,  that then means people can get well enough to reintegrate back into society ... Stop putting the cart of WORK first .... Treatment FIRST! ,,, 

Otherwise we will see Governments carp on about getting everyone into Work while people in fact remain with broken souls just under society's broad carpet sweeps,  of drugged memory,  and perversely shared social amnesia ... 


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