Wednesday, January 17, 2018

#MH2 Stop Over-Medicating Child Abused Adults -Therapy First!

  By PatientGuard 

Come on you brilliant middle class healthcare admin classes and you  #MeToo Twitterers in and around Mental Health (MH),  and you Psychiatrists ! #MH2 !  Many of you know the social truth that there is a high causal link between child abuse and childhood mistreatments and people presenting as fragmented up minds later whether that is inside Personality Disorders or Psychosis. 

You already know - there's plenty of proof for this (2006 Psychologist John Reads Work)... I mean meta studying 30 thousands studies is just a bit large of a truth isnt it ? Eh ?  So what happened after 2006 ?

Why ignore a massive unmet need for a large social scream of the unscreamed truth ?  Remember the child abused Child Migrants sent to Australia ! Remember the burial of truth about 1400 girls in Rotherham?  Remember some of your own lives ... Get brave and open up on  this shitty lying that's been going on for generations..... #MH2......    

Look! In Birmingham there is fuck all in the way of decent therapies for child abused people presenting with long term MH illness unless some go to R.S.V.P. Birmingham -   the RAPE AND SEXUAL VIOLENCE PROJECT - where service users from Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust end up sometimes.

What's that telling you ? Anything ? That Mental Health help is properly shaped?
That over-medicating crazed kids inside the minds of some psychotics is right ? Because that is what happens by default for people suffering old imprints of abuse and sexual persecutions that come out in twisted perceptions because of pain...  

This is way overdue to lift the lid #MH2 on abuses that have damaged lifetimes! 


Therapy First! 
Legalised Patient Choice! 
Stop the default discrimination 
Against child abused 
Adult survivor Patients !  

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