Sunday, May 26, 2013

Flickr Staff Thea To Throw Towel In ?

With the Thor's hammered alterations at the Yahoo US Flickr photo and image storing site still underway and the majority of (vocal) users there unhappy,  with many apparently gone or stunned into photo-store imprisonments, or some waiting still for deeper compromises,  there are light moments on the forum cliffs where the various birds scream at the Flickr hawks. They have good cause - investing as they have done in creating niches over years which have been spoiled by shocking black swoops of advertising-eagles searching for revenue nests they can exploit. 

Thea Lamkin (Flickr communication staff heading the "Help Forum" messages) who claimed in her twitter post of 21st May that she is an "iiiiiiisland" in one of her latest twitter posts  is a communicator purely of the on-message new Yahoo-Flickr stance that no great changes backwards to a prefered "classic view"   will happen but essentially Flickr will tweek and squeak about etc.

Thea tweets now : "Good day for a towel" ... 

Does she want to throw it in ? 

Nah.... It's just getting slightly warmer in the San Francisco area which features Alcatraz and is famous for the Bird man who liked tweeters too   . There are rumours though that Flickr may put it's servers there because of threats about  Terror biting Flickr Users . Userwatch is keeping contact with Homeland Security and is alerting them to too many free Terror biters being about 


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