Friday, May 24, 2013

Exclusive Yahoo CEO Stress Over Flickr Changes


UserWatch had a unique insight into Yahoo's CEO and the stressful job of turning flickr photo-storers  into little woolly Yahoo advertsing sheep using their bleeting photographs encoded warmly to look for more mobile sheep looking for bits of incidental ad-grass to bite on or get hooked by. Hungry little devils !  

In the mass manipulation trade of sheep Adology it is known a virtuous eco-circle equation of hungry big corporo-wolves hanging around tasty little site-sheepies . The wolves are known as the Terrorbytes to those in the Adological jaw dripping and clawing circles . 

Yet you have to have whimpathy for the CEO and her issue that she does not like the fact that "Flickr" sort of rythmes with "Marissr" and may change the site name to FUMBLR... It has become an irritating almost synonym-like relationship of late,  but let's face it stress is good for you and pulled out hair can be transplanted again on the pay of a CEO ...

If you want to see Marissa prompting partly her own applause at a promotion of the new Flickr  you can see it HERE


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