Friday, May 24, 2013

Flickr Staff Ban Consumer Petition


So there you have it - Flickr staff close down a reasonable consumer petition after their own unconsulted upon massive changes to the site

It was a great photo-store site with suitable "negative space" or "white space" which created a sense of focus on a picture or arts  and it was not interfered with,  too much,  by ad-hungry Yahoo who took it over in 2005. It was in profit too and probably still earns revenue. Yet Marissa Mayer CEO of Yahoo is on a mission and that mission is to conquer the new Mobile Planet with armies of used people, or rather their stored images with an advertising banner underneath and the big pull of a free terrabyte of image storage as long as your images and you can be used to sell ad space..

Somehow "terrabyte" starts to sound like "terrorbite" and maybe the evolving world is one where slowly the populace get bitten by the feelings they are being watched and watched and watched by secret little ad-bots sneaking into your every digital space ... Roll on the privacy reactions and more boundaries . It will happen.  The net has been colonised by the silicon aces of quiet manipulations - flying under the radar of your senses and  sites and innocent actions to just network.. Yahoo and Facebook and even Google are turning the net into a closed experience all pointing towards them and the ad-maggots... Lords of the Flies are dominating the web ... All you have left is your best spit - use it on the web and keep the web as sane as it can be,  given that we are all crazed anyway. 


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