Saturday, May 25, 2013

25000 User Posts Later Flickr Claimed To Be "Failr"


No apologies from Marissa Mayer for no full consultation on Flickr image-site changes.

 It just gets sadder and sadder on Flickr as no-one from Yahoo accounts properly to the vast majority of User posts (over 25000 now) to state there will be no final compromise with many of the paying Flickr Pro users. Compromise solutions have been put forwards for Flickr staff  (Yahoo) to consider such as having both  Flickr versions: "classic"  (plenty of white space to aid focus)  and "new"  (scrolling joined up boxes together) but someone is not for budging at all . 

Userwatch thinks it might have helped if Flickr-Yahoo had spelt out their business plan (to corral more ad revenue)  and future view of where Flickr was going and why it was so necessary for Flickr to change - yet users were shortchanged on that  inclusive, informing way, to create better toleration of change . 

The black shock of sudden change taking control of all Flickr User's images, the way they are shown and the dissent, is not stopping .


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