Monday, January 28, 2008

Mental Health Service Users Pet Rabbit Badly Affected By NHS Servicelessness In Birmingham UK


A Service User in Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust areas claims their pet rabbit was badly affected by being included in a loop-the-loop of meetings about something or other which meant fuck all anyway ....The Service User's pet rabbit has developed ZERO-PHOBIA which some psychiatrists claim is caused by unrealistic high expectations that mental health services will be humane and empathic and patient led ..Pets obviously pick this up .

Pet inclusion was introduced by the Birmingham And Solihull Mental Health Trust a few years ago which already has plenty of sheep attending meetings ...

ZEROPHOBIA has also developed more widely in some day centres and newly developed social inclusion services and Service Users have put their horrified faces to good use by mass posing for likenesses of Edward Munch's "The Scream" . This however is not helping the pet rabbit sketched above by one of our reporters, to prove there is an "evidence base" for our report...

The Service User who owns the rabbit though claimed that there are advantages to a ZEROPHOBIC rabbit in so far that life is so horrifying and unreal for it in pet inclusivity that it does not need an NHS hutch or burrow - it simply disappears into itself .......

Sometimes the rabbit dies too.

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11:40 - 02 February 2008

An inquest into the death of a mental health patient who died after walking out of a controversial Exeter psychiatric ward is set to start on Monday, nearly four years after he died.

Daniel Heard's body was found in a field near Cullompton, five days after he went missing from the Cedars Unit - part of Wonford House Hospital - in February, 2004.

Mr Heard, 26, from Crediton, had been sectioned under mental health laws and had been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.

Following his disappearance, Tiverton and Honiton MP Angela Browning called for a full inquiry into the events that led to his death.

An independent investigation carried out by the Cornwall Partnership Trust in 2005 made strong criticisms of the support given to Mr Heard by Devon Partnership Trust and supporting organisations in the months before his death. Jenni Thomson, a non-executive director of Cornwall Partnership Trust who chaired the inquiry, said: "The panel has come to the conclusion the death of Daniel Heard was probably preventable if the correct actions had been taken by the Devon Partnership Trust and/or Devon & Cornwall police.

"However, we accept that within mental health care there are no absolutes."

Daniel's mum, Linda Kelly, questioned how her son, who was on a special regime that meant he should have been checked by staff every 15 minutes, had been able to leave the unit unaccompanied.

Talking of her son after he died, Mrs Kelly said: "He was a very gentle person and had a great sense of humour. He was very friendly and acquainted with lots and lots of people. He said wonderful things to me sometimes - he said things that were very touching."

Mrs Kelly added: "Daniel was not given the opportunities he deserved in a system that needs to be looked at.

"No individual should be blamed; it is the system that should be looked at."

Mr Heard was the fifth patient in two years to die after going missing from the unit.

In 2002, three patients walked out after forming a suicide pact and plunged to their deaths from cliffs near Sidmouth. In the aftermath of their deaths a security review at the Cedars Unit made 19 recommendations.

It said a minimum of four staff should be on the ward throughout the early and late shifts and recommended the external security camera be upgraded and observation windows be put in bedroom doors.

But in August 2003, a patient was found hanging in the hospital grounds eight days after going missing.

The inquest will take place at County Hall, Exeter, and is expected to last three weeks.

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The kitty with alopecia said...

I think that rabbit is well clued up.

I have a cat with zerophobia at the moment, she is picking up all sorts of negative vibes from the MH Trust. All hidden behind smiles.

Perhaps the new NHS slogan could be a variation on Robbie Williams 'Sing while you're winning', it could be called 'Smile while you're doing fekk all'