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Mental Health : Is The Dept Of Health Suffering From a Flight or Fight Mechanism By Employing CBT?

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Some Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) Watchers in the UK think that the Dept Of Health (DOH) has employed a generalised flight and fight mechanism in its panic to satisfy the political masters for a cheapish mental health therapy result in the shape of CBT. The underlying hope appears to be it will turnaround mild or moderately depressed people back into workers which is economically good. Debate has been joined by MENTAL NURSE , on Janet Lows Speech and posters on Mandy's Lifeboat a mental health UK blog on these patient strandy matters

Computerised Cognitive Behaviour Therapy has been recommended by NICE and eagerly pushed by the National Institute For Mental Health Education (NIMHE UK).

NIMHE/CSIP is the morphed organisation of the "Experts by Experience" ex-Service-Users and Users that were given that label at NIMHE. The paradox of the NIMHE/CSIP CBT and CCBT push though is they started to do internal media semantic gymnastics with the word "CHOICES"as though it could satisfy a patient choice remit in mental health

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But who were the "Experts By Experience"?

Service Users we know (and there are many) left NIMHE and the gathering of the hopeful bands of Service Users who joined in with it, because it became taken over by D.O.H. aims and it became civil servantised with many Users who were University types. A paid elite . This became the antithesis of services that were more fully User-democratised...In fact the antithesis of a developing validation and broader evolutionary meaning of "Experts By Experience".....

We take the position that only through more "Patient Choices" and a economically backed culture of that, could the base of "Experts By Experience" be radically widened.. Otherwise the result was cherry picking the stronger Users and bureaucratising them, which is what happened, and in some cases we have heard about, using them against the interests of a more radical but an avoided agenda of : Patient Choice in Mental Health.

System delivery mechanisms like CBT
were part planned out by figures at the top of NIMHE/CSIP who were also anxious to appear that their new career roles too were justifiable.

So with all the manipulated "anti stigma" pushes mainly to get people back to work with CBT thrown in now we find we are still in a politically diverted consciousness away from "Patient Choice".

It is like a soviet culture where locality supply sides and User- choices are not shaped by Users but a mass of thematically centralised bureaucracy made to look like local power.

CBT we have said in other posts was pushed primarily by Rethink (the Charity) some years ago. Our interpretation was from that survey that some schitzophrenics felt they could be helped by employing thought mechanisms and cognitive thought exercises to prevent the worst of some of their cycles of feelings and thought distortions over-reinforcing each other ..Fair enough ....We all use whatever we can to get by...Encouraging reflectivity and some tactical blocking of destructive though-feeling cycles can buy time. That is to say before the deeper limbic areas of feelings attached into perhaps trauma and the need for it to be recognised and integrated better, re-kick in....

A high percentage of schitzophrenics and psychotics have deeper damaged affect within them often associated with child abuses and toxic care patterns ..We ain't quoting here - we have seen it and heard it from them over years ...

Even mild to moderate depression (some of the target group for CBT) is a set of label-terms which deal with people like "masses" whereas they are anything but masses but will they ever get a range of patient led choices to help them find and recover themselves ...?

We end on a survivalistically spiky note of health-anoia about the D.O.H. CBT Programme

Watch ID ! .....IDS out to get you !


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Jaded Goody said...

I used to be skaired of Cognative Behaverool Ferapy but I av been in the Big Bruvverer Aws,2 times now, then I got a certificate for beauty therapy and sticking false nails on and I fink it is wonerfull and everyone should av sum.

Jack, my main man, Tweedy swears by it.