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David Freud 's Analized Rage At Incapacity Benefit Claimants

Sigmund UserVotch has been in contact with the collective unconcious of the Dept of Work and Pensions and Dept of Health social engineers ....Haintly figures of-course, as you well know out there in UK-contrary-standards-land, have been questioned as to the Fraudian receipts of cash for troughing and general oinking ...(see BBC Story about Dept of Work & Pension Secretary of State Peter Hain )

Dave Freud Govt appointed ID Knight has reckoned his work might be under threat with his patron Haint currently prowling the sulphur trails after resigning, so with his bright brownish sword pulled from some kind of math symboled scabbard at his rear and big puff of superego breath he has jabbed at the Incapacity Benefit IB dirty little dragoners .....

After all, money can be made from IB ...Yes a lot too ...And the DWP and DoH want knackered up claimants and disabled peoples to be fitter for work that (don't mention it) far too many migrant workers all over the place in Britain have currently got .... China vouchers (travel help to China ) are being discussed too - where all the work has gone ... Suggestions that cripples can lash their walking sticks together to create long distance rafts are also being discussed at the DWP and it is rumoured Dave and other sturgeon egg eaters will be invited to talks...

Meanwhile UK wide local grants from the lottery have been affected by the Olympics bid of 9 -12 billion but the DWP claims this provides an incentive for people to dream about rafting off groups abroad to create social swimming and other engagements ....User-Votch put all this to Dave :

"Dreams are Good " Says Dave slurping on Sturgeon eggs ......

"Great Uncle Siggy said it's good to wish for things and I want more companies out there to get rich and earn good money from claimants while perhaps the claimants raft about looking for China ...Its my dream ....."

"Mental health patients could become plumbers in the NHS " Says Dave ....

"There's apparently plenty of paper mache like substances that needs clearing out of NHS sewers too " He adds ..

Yes....We heard about that Dave .....Something to do with patient's records ?

BBC Story Links And Below

Fewer than a third of the 2.7 million or so people claiming incapacity benefit are legitimate claimants, a government welfare adviser has said.

David Freud, an investment banker, said up to 185,000 claimants work illegally while on the benefit.

He told the Daily Telegraph it was "ludicrous" medical checks were carried out by a claimant's own GP.

The Department for Work and Pensions said the number claiming incapacity benefits was at its lowest since 2000.

"But we agree with David Freud that there are many more people who could and should be supported to move off benefits and into work," a spokesman added.

"We are implementing his review and have already committed to replacing Incapacity Benefit and introducing a new medical test that places the emphasis on what work a person can do, rather than what they can't."

Mr Freud published a report on welfare last year which was highly influential on reforms outlined by new Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell this week.

Proper support

Shadow work and pensions secretary Chris Grayling said every claimant should have an independent medical check.

"Those fit to work should have their Incapacity Benefit withdrawn immediately and those with the potential to work should get proper support to help them back into employment," he added.

Liberal Democrat spokesman Danny Alexander said: "Millions of people on Incapacity Benefit want to work and would be doing so today if the government had put the right support in place."

Mr Freud, who said the system was "a recipe for getting people on to IB" has recommended private firms be paid "bounties" to get claimants off incapacity benefit and into jobs.

He said there was a "classic conflict of interest" with GPs carrying out claimants' medical checks, saying: "They're frightened of legal action."

Meanwhile, compared with unemployment benefit, incapacity claimants received more money and were not "hassled".

"The system we have at the moment sends 2.64 million people into a form of economic house arrest and encourages them to stay at home and watch daytime TV. We're doing nothing for these people," he told the paper.

Conflict of interest

Since the 1980s, there have been claims that successive governments have allowed the IB roll to grow in order to keep down the more politically sensitive count of the unemployed.

"When the whole rot started in the 1980s we had 700,000 (claimants). I suspect that's much closer to the real figure than the one we have now," Mr Freud said.

Recent figures showed that more than 500,000 young people under 35 are now claiming incapacity benefit. About 40% of recipients are claiming for mental health problems, some 250,000 because of stress-related illness, while others cite alcoholism, obesity or eating disorders.

Mr Freud said a new system, with private firms and voluntary organisations paid by results in getting claimants into lasting jobs and those who refuse to co-operate having benefits docked, could be in place within five years.

He told the paper it would be "economically rational" to pay as much as £62,000 to a company which managed to place an incapacity benefit claimant in a job which lasted three years or more.

Incapacity benefit costs the Treasury about £12bn a year.


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