Friday, January 18, 2008

NHS Toilet Protests And Leaves Hospital Over Wrong Diet Claims It Needs Bognitive Behavioural Therapy Treatment Now

NHS Toilet Leaves Hospital x

Mr T. Oilet gave testimony to Birmingham And Solihull Mental Health Trust UserWatch that he had enough of having the wrong things shoved down his ceramic gullet...

"The heavy quality of the paper is just too much " Said Mr T. Oilet ...

" I get bunged up "

"And I start reading what's left over instead of going for a full flush "

"The result is very messy even for me " ......"I may need Bognitive Behaviour Therapy now"........

Birmingham And Solihull Mental Health Trust were not available for comment but Kakatoo - the filthy minded UserWatch reporter swears the other BSMHT hospital toilets have been busy of late pulping away in BSMHT's attempt to eco-recycle materials ...

Of course in a Runcorn NHS hospital shithole archives also exist

"PRIVATE, confidential information about a psychiatric patient has been found in a visitor's toilet at the Brooker Centre, beside Halton Hospital.

Two open brown envelopes contained a man's name, NHS number, blood test results and personal medical details.

"I was shocked," said the Runcorn woman who found the information on Monday afternoon, in the female visitor's toilet between the Brooker reception and the Pine Day Unit.

"This poor person has no idea their details were just randomly left in a toilet. They could have been found by someone who knows him.

"One letter had information on him recently overdosing on medication. I think it is quite shocking that such private information could be carried haphazardly into a toilet. "

And we know DWP personal benefit data and MOD stuff too is being thrown around by dusbins and spat out by computers ....

4000 PCT Records Go Missing BBC 18th Jan 2008

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